Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1367 - Leaving for Central Province (2)

Chapter 1367: Leaving for Central Province (2)

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It was in the night, and the moonlight was as still as water.

A giggling sound could be heard outside the door and Ling Chen who had dozed off suddenly opened his eyes. His sharp gaze looked outside as he sternly shouted, “Who’s there?”

Under the hazy night scene, a small figure stood upright. It seemed as if he had just learned to walk as he staggered, but his sinister laughter was just like a hungry ghost that had climbed out from the underworld, causing Ling Chen to shiver.

Just as Ling Chen wanted to check out who it was, countless vines occupied the entire room, instantly pinning Ling Chen to the wall.


Before he even managed to speak, a vine full of thorns rose from the side and pierced into his mouth in an instant.

Bright red blood flowed from his mouth, and Ling Chen was in so much pain he nearly teared up. He wanted to cry for help, but wasn’t able to utter a single word and could only produce whimpering sounds.


Pa pa pa!

The vines ruthlessly whipped Ling Chen. As he had been pampered and spoiled since childhood, his skin was soft and tender. Before long his skin burst open, drenching him in blood.

Before this night scene, the chubby child clapped his hands and giggled, as if everything in the room was fascinating. An innocent-looking smile surfaced on his fair and adorable face.

“Little Tree.”

A red silhouette landed from the tree and stood beside of the chubby child. “We should go, or else Master will notice our absence.”

The chubby child pouted, as he had yet to enjoy himself to the full. However, he obediently allowed Huohuo to pull his petite hands and gradually left the courtyard.

After they left, the protective screen set up around the surrounding also disappeared. Two servant maids walked past and heard slapping sounds from the room, turning red from embarrassment.

“Young master is energetic. After Miss Xia Chu was driven out, the young master has never been intimate with other women. I wonder who is the lucky lady tonight?”

“We better not disturb the young master, lest we affect his mood.”

As their voices went farther and farther away, Ling Chen wanted to cry, but no tears flowed down. He wanted to stop those two servant maids, but his throat could only produce whimpering sounds…

In fact, there was a reason for both of the servant maid’s reaction.

When Xia Chu was present in the early days, their nightly movements would be very loud, seemingly afraid that others wouldn’t know that he was brimming with energy.

From the start, the servant maid thought that something happened and hastily rushed into the room. What she had seen was an embarrassing scene. After that, no matter how loud the movements were in Ling Chen’s room, no one had taken a single step inside…

Especially since both the servant maids were ignorant of nightly activities, and so couldn’t differentiate the movement sounds in the room. If a woman who has had a husband were present, they would notice that there were only slapping sounds in Ling Chen’s room, without a female’s moaning voice. It wasn’t until the next day that people from the North Governor Estate found their young master lying on the floor half-dead. His flesh was lacerated from the corporal punishment he received, and blood was flowing out.

Precisely because of the unforeseen incident in the North Governor’s Estate, Ling Li dispatched all his experts to seek for the culprit in a fit of rage. Furthermore, he had taken Ling Chen and hastily evacuated, without any spare energy to deal with Yun Luofeng.

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