Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1366 - Leaving for Central Province (1)

Chapter 1366: Leaving for Central Province (1)

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“My injuries aren’t serious, it will not affect the journey.” Yun Luofeng squinted, revealing a glint in her eyes. “Yun Xiao must be waiting for me in the Central Province. No matter what, I have to go to his side.”

Looking at her determined face, Hong Luan did not say anything else. She quietly followed along Yun Luofeng while a smile surfaced on her gorgeous face.

In the Governor’s Estate, after learning that his daughter suffered a loss before Ling Li, he was extremely angry and immediately led troops to settle debts with Ling Li and his son.

Even though Xiao Bai killed three bodyguards of the North Province, it was because they were in the wrong. As such, facing Hong Ling’s rage, Ling Li couldn’t refute a single word, allowing Hong Ling to demand compensation.

Furthermore, this was the East Province’s territory and his subordinates were not present. If he were to clash head-on with Hong Ling, it was hard to avoid a huge fight, and ultimately both sides would suffer great losses.

In contrast to the restrained Ling Li, Ling Chen’s rage overflowed while his eyes glared unwavering at Hong Ling.

He tightly clenched his fist and revealed a fierce expression. One day, he would overturn this East Province and let Hong Ling and his daughter beg for forgiveness. Otherwise, it would be hard to dispel his internal rage.

Hong Luan was acting aggressive and only after a long time did he let Ling Li and his son off. Flinging his sleeves, he left for the East Province Governor’s Estate together with his troops.

Ling Chen’s clenched teeth produced grinding sounds as he fiercely glared in the direction of Hong Ling’s departure.

“Father, are we going to let him insult us without rebutting? In addition, we have to compensate for the shock Hong Luan received?”

Ling Chen was feeling extremely unresigned. His father was also the North Province Governor, yet Hong Ling did not give them any face in the slightest.

“In any case, this is the East Province and we were wrong at first. There would not be any good to clash with Hong Ling!” Ling Li narrowed his eyes and a dangerous glint streaked across. “Son, remember that from today, the North Province and East Province cannot exist together! If I were to find an opportunity, I will never let Hong Luan off!”

One had to pay a painful price for humiliating him!

“Father, I want Hong Luan to crawl beneath my legs and beg for forgiveness. Along with Yun Luofeng that woman, all of them will die miserably!”

At this moment, the guilt and regret Ling Chen felt towards Hong Luan had long disappeared, and what replaced them was inexhaustible anger.

Hong Ling patted Ling Chen’s shoulders and said. “We shall set off immediately and return to the North Province. After returning to the estate, I’ll send you to the forbidden realm to cultivate, and after you return your strength will have increased!”

“Father, do we let Hong Luan and Yun Luofeng off?” Ling Chen stared blankly for a moment. “Didn’t you say that once they leave the East Province, you would kill them?”

Ling Li shook his head. “Compared to them, increasing your strength is of more importance. After that, no one can stop you regardless of how you want to take revenge! In addition, I will leave some subordinates in the East Province and if Hong Luan and Yun Luofeng leave, they will take action against them. As for you… there’s no need to stay.”

“I understand!” Hong Chen nodded, revealing a determined expression “Looking down on me, wasn’t it because my strength is inferior to hers? The moment I come out from the forbidden realm, I will put Hong Luan beneath my feet and let her understand how huge of a loss was it to reject me!”

Even if he had Xia Chu, Hong Luan did not have the right to reject him. Which man could guarantee that he would only love a single woman? What right did she have to disdain him?

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