Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1364 - Yun Xiao’s Whereabouts (9)

Chapter 1364: Yun Xiao's Whereabouts (9)

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He was at a loss on how to console Lin Ruobai…

“Xiao Bai,” Yun Luofeng walked to Lin Ruobai while her palm gently caressed her head and spoke with a gentle voice. “This is a world where weak are prey to the strong. If you do not kill, others will certainly do so. Thus, if anyone bullies you in the future, you can kill them as you wish and I will deal with the aftermath.”

“Really?” Lin Ruobai raised her head while looking straight at Yun Luofeng with tearful eyes. “What Master says is right! If someone bullies me, I will kill them.”

A good kid had to listen to her Master. Since her Master said that killing was right, so what if she killed them?”

“Master, both of them deceived me too.” Lin Ruobai pointed towards the guards who were shivering. “They deceived me and brought me here and wanted to strip off my clothes. Can I kill them?”

Yun Luofeng nodded, “Yes, you can.”

“Then… I’ll kill them.” Lin Ruobai smiled. Her smile was very brilliant, naive, and innocent.

No one expected that such cruel words would be spoken by this innocent-looking little girl.

“Stop!” Ling Li suddenly raged. He never expected that they would actually dare to kill his men in front of him! Thinking of this, he hastily dashed towards Lin Ruobai while the aura on his body surged forth with a loud rumble.


Yun Luofeng suddenly moved and blocked in front of Lin Ruobai, raising her hands to welcome Ling Li’s attack

In an instant, a powerful energy penetrated her body, causing her to retreat several steps. She nearly spat out a mouthful of blood but she forcefully swallowed it.

“Yun Luofeng!” Hong Luan shouted.

“Master!” Xiao Mo and Huohuo’s expression had also involuntarily changed.

Ling Li’s attack was extremely fast and Yun Luofeng was also extremely nimble, while the rest could not even react.

Compared to their worries, Ling Li’s gaze was filled with shock. “Impossible, this woman is only a low-rank sage-king level cultivator. She should have definitely perished under my strike with her strength, yet why did she only retreat a few steps? Impossible!”

Meanwhile, a cavity had appeared in the guard’s chests after Lin Ruobai unperturbedly retracted her outstretched fists which were dyed in blood. Sticking her tender tongue out, she licked the blood and her appearance was extremely devilish, no longer as innocent-looking as before.

“Master?” The instant Lin Ruobai turned back, she saw Yun Luofeng’s pale expression. Staring blankly for a moment, she hastily walked to Yun Luofeng’s side. “Master, you’re injured?”

“I’m fine.” Yun Luofeng shook and slightly raised her head.

Lin Ruobai’s black eyes were gradually dyed red like blood and she tightly clenched her small fists, while her cold eyes stared straight at Ling Li.

“You injured my Master. I’ll never let you off!”

“Xiao Bai!” Seeing Xiao Bai’s actions, Xiao Mo’s countenance changed and he hastily dashed forward to hug her body tightly.

“Your soul has yet to completely recover, you cannot overuse your powers or you’ll be possessed by the devil!

“Let me go!”


Lin Ruobai’s body exploded with a powerful force, causing Xiao Mo top retreat. Perhaps Xiao Mo hadn’t expected Lin Ruobai to be so powerful as he looked at her in astonishment.

“The power of her bloodline… is strong to this extent? Luckily she’s Master’s disciple. Otherwise, she would definitely become a formidable opponent of Master.” Xiao Mo rejoiced for the fact that Yun Luofeng had accepted Lin Ruobai as her disciple.

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