Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1363 - Yun Xiao’s Whereabouts (8)

Chapter 1363: Yun Xiao's Whereabouts (8)

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“I’ll ask you one last time, where is Xiao Bai?” Killing intent surged forth from Yun Luofeng. “If you do not intend to hand her over, then get lost and I’ll look for her myself!”

Ling Li’s expression was ashen and his tightly clenched fist was encased with a powerful force. With a shout, he started to dash towards Yun Luofeng.

Just then, a domineering voice sounding through the air, “Ling Li, if you dare to injure my friend, the East Province will not let this matter drop!”

Hong Luan in red robes had entered Yun Luofeng’s view. Her unyielding voice sounded, causing Ling Li to stop his attack.

“Hong Luan, you’re siding with her to oppose me?” Ling Li narrowed his eyes while his tone was threatening.

Hong Luan put her arm across Yun Luofeng’s shoulders as she beamed and said, “Yun Luofeng is my friend and who do you think you are? Don’t tell me I am supposed to help you instead of siding with her?”

Looking at the red-robed lady, a warm current flowed throughout Yun Luofeng’s heart. Since she had come to look for Ling Chen, she had been prepared. Even if she wasn’t able to defeat Ling Chen, she had a fifty percent confidence that she could save Xiao Bai and retreat without harm.

However… Hong Luan had come!

For her, Hong Luan was willing to have a falling out with the North Province Governor’s Estate! How could she not be emotionally moved?

“Yun Luofeng!” Ling Li took in a deep breath and coldly glanced at Yun Luofeng. “You better not ever leave the East Province. Otherwise, I will definitely kill you without any exception!”

Yun Luofeng smirked. “That’ll depend on whether you have the opportunity!”

“Hmph!” Ling Li snorted and turned towards the two bodyguards who were shivering. “Take her to her disciple!”

The expression of these two guards was filled with fear. It was only now that they recalled the reason why the name Yun Luofeng was familiar…

“Wasn’t Yun Luofeng the name of Hong Luan’s man? However, why weren’t they told that she was actually a woman?

“Hong Luan, you’ve sided with the wrong person,” Ling Chen lowered his eyes and spoke. “It was Yun Luofeng’s disciple who coveted power and delusionally wanted to seduce me, yet Yun Luofeng had the gall to demand her back! You’re even protecting her?”

Towards Ling Chen’s ridiculing voice, Hong Luan acted as if she was deaf and followed along with Yun Luofeng.


The door of the storeroom was kicked open. Ling Chen and the rest who originally had a complacent expression were speechless after witnessing the scene inside the room.

The two bodyguards who abducted Lin Ruobai nearly fainted due to shock. They were rejoicing in their hearts, thinking of what would have awaited them if they had entered the room earlier on…

“Master, Brother!”

Lin Ruobai raised her head and saw everyone standing at the entrance. With a wailing cry, she leaped towards Xiao Mo.


Xiao Mo nearly tripped but hastily steadied himself and gently consoled Lin Ruobai.

“It’s alright, Master and I have arrived…”

“Wuu wuu, I killed someone, but it wasn’t on purpose. I didn’t expect he would be so weak. I only lightly smacked him and he’s dead. I really didn’t mean to kill him.”

A light smack… resulted in sending the bodyguard’s head flying?

Ling Li’s expression was somewhat unsightly. This little girl was looking down on the North Province Governor’s Estate’s guards? She even dared to say his guards were weak?

“Don’t be afraid, you’re not in the wrong.” Xiao Bai helplessly patted Lin Ruobai’s back while sending a pleading look toward Yun Luofeng.

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