Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1359 - Yun Xiao’s Whereabouts (4)

Chapter 1359: Yun Xiao's Whereabouts (4)

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Oh god, his first kiss was gone! However, after he recovered his senses with great difficulty, he realized that the young lady who was standing before him had disappeared…

On the streets bustling with activity, just as Lin Ruobai walked through two lanes of streets, she was blocked by a few bodyguards. She cutely blinked and gazed at these people in front of her in confusion.

“Why are you blocking me?”

“Haha,” A slightly older bodyguard laughed and said with a skin-deep smile, “Miss, we think you are cute and wanted to treat you to a meal. I wonder if you would be willing to follow us?”

Lin Ruobai’s eyes brightened and a brilliant smile perked up on her face. Both her canine teeth were revealed under the sunlight, looking extremely adorable.


The few bodyguards glanced at each other. A foodie like Lin Ruobai was comparatively easy to deceive.

“Little miss, let’s go. As long as you serve our young master well, you can eat all you want, not like your poor Master who is unwilling to even let you have your fill.”

Lin Ruobai suddenly stopped and puffed out her cheeks as she fumed, while her eyes glared at the bodyguard who humiliated Yun Luofeng. “You’re not allowed to badmouth my Master! Apologize!”

The bodyguard’s face stiffened. “You’re asking me to apologize?”

“That’s right! You badmouthed my Master so you have to apologize, or else I won’t follow you!”

How could gourmet food be more important than her Master? For her Master, she could give up on eating.

“You better apologize now,” the senior bodyguard poked him and said, “to avoid causing trouble.”

After all, this was the East Province and they were unable to forcefully drag this little miss away. If she was unwilling to follow them, they did not have other means of making her come with them.

The bodyguard who humiliated Yun Luofeng restrained his anger and unwillingly said, “Sorry!”

After reaching the North Province Governor’s Estate, he would have his revenge!

“Little miss, can we leave now? Oh right, I don’t know your name yet.”

“My Master told me, my name is Lin Ruobai.”

“Oh? Then what’s your Master called?”

“Yun Luofeng.”

Yun Luofeng?

The bodyguards looked at each other as they felt that this name was familiar, seemingly having heard it before…

Meanwhile, from far off Yun Luofeng spotted Hu Li and the little boy lost in thought and seated near the doorway of a small wooden house. An undetectable glimmer streaked across her eyes.

The instant Hu Li looked up, he saw Yun Luofeng appearing in front of him. His eyes brightened and he hastily stood up, rushing towards her. However, just as he stretched out his arms, wanting to embrace her, Little Tree suddenly looked up and giggled. The instant his giggle sounded, countless vines rose up and firmly wrapped around Hu Li.

“Yun Luofeng, I’ve missed you so much. Do you know how boring it was to face this little kid every day while you were gone?” Hu Li’s expression was filled with grief as if Yun Luofeng had done something that would anger the heavens!

“I came to inform you that we will be setting off two days from now and will leave the East Province.”

“Are you serious?” Hu Li’s eyes shone brightly. “That’s great! I’ve been scared and on the edge these days in the East Province, afraid that I would become a punching bag for that madwoman Hong Luan! Do you know how many people were beaten up by her in the academy back then? Because of that, all the disciples of the academy were afraid when they saw her.”

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