Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1357 - Yun Xiao’s Whereabouts (2)

Chapter 1357: Yun Xiao's Whereabouts (2)

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Hong Luan looked at Hong Ling and said, “Father, pass down an order that no influences are allowed to accept her. I want her to fend for herself!”

Ultimately, Hong Luan had shown mercy. Other than wanting to obtain Ling Chen, Xia Chu did not do anything to harm her. Everything Hong Luan had done towards Xia Chua was not because of herself, but for Yun Luofeng.


Even facing such punishment, Xia Chu could not refrain from shouting. “Miss Hong Luan, I beg of you to spare me, please!”

If the East Province Governor Estate were to issue a ban, not only would her family expel her, it would also be extremely hard if she wanted to get a wealthy husband. It equated to her entire life being ruined!

Thinking of this, Xia Chu crawled towards Hong Luan and fiercely kowtowed with her head banging on the ground.

She bumped her head forcefully and very soon, her forehead was dyed in blood that incessantly flowed down.

“Miss Hong Luan, I understand my mistakes, and I won’t dare to do so in the future. I beg of you to spare me, please…”

Hong Luan lifted her brows. “I’ve mentioned this before. This is the price you have to pay for framing Yun Luofeng!” She would not personally dispose of Xia Chu, but once the order was issued from the East Province Governor’s Estate, her life in the Continent would become extremely arduous, and she would even perhaps wish she was dead!

After that, Hong Luan sternly shouted, “Get out!” Immediately, two bodyguards went up and lifted Xia Chua by her arms, throwing her out all of a sudden.


Xia Chu’s body rolled a few times on the ground, resulting in her having a backache. At present, her eyes were filled with tears of helplessness while despair flooded her face. She knew that she would never have another opportunity to raise her status from now on! Her delicate and pitiful appearance might be effective against men, but in Hong Luan’s eyes, it had only increased her loathing towards Xia Chu.

Within the hall, there was complete silence.

Turning her head, her almond eyes gazed at the middle-aged man seated high up and slightly moved her lips. “Thank you.”

Hong Ling’s heart suddenly trembled.

For numerous years, Luan’er had always resented him in her heart, and regardless of how much he did for her, he had never heard these two words.

“Don’t be mistaken,” Seeing Hong Ling faintly twitching his eyes, Hong Luan continued. “Thanking you is because of your protection for me earlier on. I’m afraid I can never forgive you my entire life for what you did back then!”

How could the pain and suffering of having her mother pass away be easily forgiven? Otherwise, wouldn’t her mother have thrown her life away in vain?

“I know.” Hong Ling bitterly smiled, “Even if you do not forgive me, I will use my entire life to make it up to you.”

Hong Luan originally wanted to continue, but the words that came to her mouth were ultimately not spoken. She took a last glance at Hong Luan before turning to leave. Behind her, Hong Lin’s eyes followed her silhouette all along, until she had disappeared from his line of sight.

“Miss.” Just as Hong Luan walked out, a figure stood before her and respectfully spoke with her hands cupped. “I have the whereabouts of the person you’ve tasked me to locate!”

“What?” Hong Luan rejoiced. “Where’s the Ghost Emperor at?”

“Central Province, Kulong Town!”

“Alright, I understand. I’ll look for Yun Luofeng right now and inform her this piece of good news!”

Currently, in the Shengtian restaurant, the restaurant that was initially bustling with activity was completely silent.

The customers who were eating in the restaurant were looking at the adorable young lady who was making a clean sweep of all the dishes on the table like a hurricane. Everyone was amazed to the extent of being speechless.

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