Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1355 - Xiao Bai Awakening (5)

Chapter 1355: Xiao Bai Awakening (5)

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How could Hong Ling be unaware of their objectives? After sending someone to invite Hong Luan over, he sat down in the hall and waited.

After a long time, a middle-aged man as the lead had walked into the hall with quick steps, appearing before Hong Ling.

Hong Ling laughed heartily. “Governor Ling, you’ve finally arrived and your arrival is timely. I have something to announce.” Not giving Ling Li any opportunity to speak, Hong Ling got straight to the point. “The alliance marriage between both Provinces will end here.”

“End here?’ Ling Li’s eyes sank as he quietly asked, “Governor Hong, what do you mean?”

“You should ask your estate’s young master regarding this.” Hong Ling’s eyes swept towards Ling Chen who had his head lowered. “I believe he can provide you an explanation.”

Looking at his own son having a suffering expression, Ling Li could not help but suck in a cold breath. “Governor Hong, I wish to meet Luan’er.”

Hong Ling smiled. “I’ve already sent someone for her.”

After that, an energetic red-robed figure walked in. The woman’s appearance was matchless with almond eyes, sharp brows, and red lips, possessing an indescribable attraction.

From the moment Hong Luan entered, Ling Chen’s gaze lingered on her, without shifting away and guilt emerged in his eyes.

“Governor Ling, you’re here?” Hong Luan stopped and turned towards Ling Li. “Are you here to withdraw the marriage?”

Hearing how Hong Luan addressed him, Ling Li helplessly sighed, “Luan’er, you’ve always addressed me as Uncle, so why are you being so distant today? I know that my son is in the wrong and I had specially brought him here to apologize! I’ve also brought along Xia Chu, that woman. As long as it’ll allow you to cool your temper, she’ll be punished however you wish!”

Hong Luan smiled mockingly. “Governor Ling, Ling Chen and Xia Chu once had a child together. Why do you think I will accept him?”

Ling Li’s stern expression was unsightly. “Chen’er is a man and it’s not at all surprising that he had a woman in the past. In addition, I can promise you that my North Province Governor’s Estate will not allow the emergence of any woman in the future and you can rest assured.”

To connect by marriage with the East Province, Ling Li had gone for broke this time around and Ling Chen did not say anything else. After his experience with Xia Chu, he had decided to follow his father’s arrangement.

“My apologies,” Hong Luan quirked her brow, “I have mysophobia and I will never accept a man that has used a woman before!”

“Hong Luan!” Ling Li furiously berated. However, the instant he shouted, Hong Ling’s hands suddenly landed on the table and his eyes were imposing and grave.

“Governor Ling, what are you thinking of doing? My daughter is not someone you can shout at!”

Hearing his words, Ling Li took a deep breath and suppressed his internal fury as he continued. “Luan’er, Uncle hopes that you can consider this through. There are few men who’re willing to only have one woman in their life, no wait, they should be non-existent! As such, for Ling Chen who is willing to not have any concubines in the future, he can be considered as one of a kind.”

After Ling Li spoke, he cast a meaningful glance towards Ling Chen.

Ling Chen suddenly reacted and hastily assured, “I will swear that as long as Luan’er is willing to marry me, I will not allow any woman to enter the estate in the future.”

He only said that he would not allow any woman to enter the estate, while Ling Li’s words were that Ling Chen would never take in concubines.

Both of them did not guarantee that Ling Chen would not find another woman in the future.

How could a normal man not have any needs when he lived apart from his wife? As long as Ling Chen did not take in any concubines, it was proper and expected as a matter of course to find other women to settle his needs…

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