Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1353 - Xiao Bai Awakening (3)

Chapter 1353: Xiao Bai Awakening (3)

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“I’ve finally advanced to sage king-level low rank!”

Only after advancing to sage king-level cultivation would she be truly considered as stepping into the realm of an expert.

“Little Tree, why are you here?” Yun Luofeng noticed the chubby child standing before her and her expression was of shock. “You seem to have grown up quite a lot.”

Little Tree gave a satisfied burp and hastily pounced into Yun Luofeng’s embrace, while an innocent and naive smile appeared on his tender face. “Mother, I’ve eaten my fill. I want to pee.”

Yun Luofeng’s expression darkened. “Get Xiao Mo to take you.”

Raising her head after speaking, she suddenly discovered that Xiao Mo’s body was enshrouded in a halo while his physique had also gradually grown.

“Xiao Mo?” Yun Luofeng stared blankly. She loosened Little Tree from her embrace and slowly walked to Xiao Mo.

Suddenly the halo enshrouding Xiao Mo disappeared, and the original six to seven-year-old little body had also disappeared. Appearing before her was a tall young man with handsome looks that seemed young and inexperienced. The young man had a head full of black hair with an immature smile on his face. He looked at his own slender fingers while a joyous glint radiated from his eyes.

“You’re Xiao Mo?” Yun Luofeng’s voice questioned, as if not believing that the person appearing before her was that little boy who was both lovable and a nag. However, this youngster’s aura was clearly Xiao Mo’s.

“Master,” the young man looked up at Yun Luofeng, “I can explain this occurrence to you. Before Master’s strength had broken through to the sage king level, I could only use a child’s physique to meet with you and was unable to fight together with you by your side. All the more I wasn’t able to linger in the outside world for an extended period of time.”

“However…” the youngster paused before continuing, “once you broke through to the sage king level, I also had a huge transformation and the transformation of my physique is only one part. More importantly, I can stay beside you forever from now on and fight together with you!”

“Oh…” Yun Luofeng stroked her jaw, quirking her brow and faintly smiling, “Why do I feel that your most important use would be being able to marry Xiao Bai?”

“Master!” The youngster’s expression was of resentment, remarkably alike to having suffered from humiliation.

“Master, look!” Suddenly, Huohuo’s voice sounded and Yun Luofeng raised her head, looking over.

Originally an adorable and lovely young lady lay on the grassland in front of them. Yet at this moment, the young lady who was supposedly unconscious had gradually opened her eyes and was filled with bewilderment, just like a lost sheep.

“Xiao Bai woke up?” Yun Luofeng’s expression changed and her gaze did not contain the slightest joy. “Impossible, Xiao Bai’s soul has yet to completely recover as we have yet to locate the third Soul Fruit. Why did she awaken at this moment? Xiao Mo, what are the consequences of regaining consciousness ahead of time?”

Previously, Yun Luofeng had used acupuncture to seal the young lady’s soul, so why had she regained consciousness at this moment?

Xiao Mo’s expression was also unsightly. “The consequences of awakening ahead of time is… incomplete wisdom!”

“What’s the reason that caused this?”

“I’m not sure! But I suspect that it was most probably because your breakthrough caused a violent commotion, thus affecting her consciousness and resulting in her regaining consciousness!”

The spiritual energy storm caused by breaking through to sage king level was too huge, to the extent that Little Tree couldn’t help himself and absorbed the excess spiritual energy so that it would not go to waste. Therefore, Xiao Bai getting affected was not strange.

“Why didn’t you inform me of this earlier?”

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