Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1351 - Xiao Bai Awakening (1)

Chapter 1351: Xiao Bai Awakening (1)

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Within the courtyard, the handsome man lifted a bottle of liquor, gulping a mouth full with liquor spilling from the corner of his mouth, yet he hardly noticed it as a bitter smile surfaced.

“The woman I loved had been deceiving me all along, and the woman who loved me was forcibly pushed away by me! Haha!” The man laughed wildly. His laughter was filled with madness, causing the servant maid standing beside him to be impatient.

Regardless so, ever since the young master returned to the North Province Governor’s Estate, he had been continuously drowning his sorrow in alcohol and would not take notice no matter how much they persuaded.


Suddenly, the servant girl’s eyes brightened as she looked at the middle-aged man walking over with haste. Just as she wanted to inform his arrival, she was stopped by the other party.

“Luan’er…” The handsome man was still lowly whispering her name, not noticing the man walking over in the slightest. “If I admit my mistakes, would you give me another chance?”

A tall figure stood before the man, blocking the sunlight that had been shining on his head, causing Ling Chen to raise his head in a daze. After spotting the middle-aged man standing before him, he rubbed his eyes somewhat in disbelief.

“Father… why are you here?”

The middle-aged man’s expression was dignified, with a stern gaze. “I’m aware of what happened between you and Hong Luan. Chen’er, follow me immediately to apologize!”

“Apologize?” Ling Chen bitterly laughed, with a disheveled appearance, “She’ll never give me the opportunity.” In this lifetime, Hong Luan was no longer willing to meet with him!

“Men, fetch a bowl of sobering soup for the young master!” The middle-aged man sternly commanded and turned his line of sight towards Ling Chen. His dignified expression gradually softened, “Perhaps you might still have a chance by following me to apologize!”


This word caused Ling Chen’s eyes to brightened as he looked up at the middle-aged man. “Father, is there truly a chance?”

“That’s right, in addition to bringing you to apologize, I will be handing Xia Chu to Hong Luan for punishment. Would you be unwilling?”

Hearing the name Xia Chu, Ling Chen gnashed his teeth in anger. “That woman had deceived me! I’ve made a clean break with her and if abandoning her can bring back Luan’er, I will not regret it!”

This is how a man is like. When they love you, they are willing to give you the world, and once they no longer have feelings for you, you are nothing in their eyes.

“Alright!” The middle-aged man coldly spoke. “After drinking the sobering soup, follow me and we will set off!”

A gleam of hope surfaced in Ling Chen’s originally sad eyes. Even if Hong Luan rejected him once again, she had to give face to his father. In this case, perhaps he would still have a chance…

East Province, the Governor’s Estate.

Just as Yun Luofeng entered a meditation state, knocking sounds could be heard from the door. She slowly opened her eyes and said, “Enter.”

The door was pushed opened, and a man in brocade clothing entered. Looking at the young lady seated on the bed, Hong Ling revealed embarrassment.

“Cough cough,” He dryly coughed and cleared his throat to speak. “Miss Yun, may I know if you’re unoccupied at this moment?”

“Is something the matter?” Yun Luofeng quirked her brow and inquired of the middle-aged man standing before her.

“I came here to request a favor from you.” The middle-aged man glanced at Yun Luofeng and continued, “Of course, I will not ask this favor for free. I heard that Miss Yun is also a physician and as long as Miss Yun is willing to help, you can take any medicinal ingredient in the Governor’s Estate.”

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