Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1350 - Unrivalled In Being Shameless (8)

Chapter 1350: Unrivalled In Being Shameless (8)

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“In this world, only your mother is fit to give birth to my bloodline! , and so, no one can inherit it other than you!”

“If you sincerely loved Mother, why did you take in concubines one after another? Even after Mother passed away, you’re unwilling to let her rest in peace?”

“Luan’er there are some things you don’t understand.” Hong Ling bitterly smiled, “Your mother has passed on, and I can’t let our hard work go to waste. Taking in concubines is a method that will allow the East Province to stabilize. Luan’er, everything I’ve done is for you!”

“For me?” Hong Luan laughed. “You said that taking in concubines was for the East Province and me? I’ve never believed in those methods of roping in influential figures! I only believe in strength, strength to be able to subdue them! If they were to betray us, it’d be fine if we behead them. There’s no need to resort to such methods like yours!”

“Luan’er, never having stood in my position, you’ll never understand! Now you’re the East Province Estate’s sole descendant, and those concubines that I took in will assist you!”

If all those people had their children, they would definitely think of replacing Hong Luan. Since they had nothing, they could only protect Hong Luan.

Only with her existence would the East Province never be forgotten!

Indeed, for the East Province and Hong Luan, Hong Ling had sacrificed and put forth a great effort. Yet, he did not know that Hong Luan deeply disdained everything he had done.

“Father, I still do not agree with your methods. Right now, you are still able to control the Governor’s Estate for several years, and during this period I will use my strength to prove it to you!” Hong Luan paused and said, “I will prove to you that my mother wasn’t wrong!”

Hong Ling wanted to say something, but he saw Hong Luan turn to leave without any hesitation, disappearing from his sight in the blink of an eye.

After leaving the study room, Hong Luan turned back and glanced at the wide open door. Tightly clenching her fist, she firmed up her inner resolution.

“Father, although you are a good father, you’re not a good man! Therefore, I will prove to you that everything you’ve done is wrong!” Soon after, she turned and walked in another direction. She did not head to her chamber but headed towards Yun Luofeng’s chambers instead.

Seemingly knowing she would arrive, Yun Luofeng had prepared a cup of tea beforehand while waiting for her. After Hong Luan came, she asked indifferently, “You’re here?”

Hong Luan raised her head. Looking at the young lady before her, her gaze was resolute.

“At that time, I will leave with you.” She knew that after Yun Luofeng obtained her desired news, she would leave the East Province.

“Okay.” Yun Luofeng only replied a single world, yet it caused a gorgeous smile to blossom on Hong Luan’s face.

“Yun Luofeng, what you said was right. A man who truly loves you will offer you the entire world and a man who doesn’t love you will treat the world of more importance than you. With my departure this time, not only is it to temper myself, but I also wish to find… a man who is truly willing to let go of the world for me!”

Yun Luofeng lightly sipped her tea and asked, “How’s the progress concerning the man I tasked you to investigate?”

“I came here to inform you about the findings. We’ve located the Ghost Emperor, but my subordinates are still searching for his specific whereabouts. It shouldn’t be too long before we can obtain some news!”

East Province subordinates could be found throughout the Continent, and with the Governor’s Estate’s influence, it was much easier to search for someone compared to searching on her own.


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