Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1349 - Unrivalled In Being Shameless (7)

Chapter 1349: Unrivalled In Being Shameless (7)

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“You never tried to seduce her? Could it be that she seduced you? If Yun Luofeng wasn’t a woman, perhaps I would have believed you.”

It was only because Yun Luofeng was a woman that he understood how scary this woman Xia Chu was!

Xia Chu covered her face, allowing her tears to flow down. She understood that Ling Chen would abandon her, and marrying into the North Province would merely be an unattainable dream!

“Luan’er…” Ling Chen raised his head and looked at Hong Luan. His throat was choked with emotions while he was filled with regret. “I realize my mistakes, could you give me another chance?”

“Impossible!” Hong Luan rejected him without leaving room to maneuver.

“No, you’re not someone so ruthless. I know that your previous rejection was due to disappointment!” Ling Chen’s heart clung on his last gleam of hope. “Isn’t there a saying, broken bones that are well-set will become stronger? Since I’ve realized my mistakes, why are you unwilling to give me a chance?”

Hong Luan crossed her hands and sized Ling Chen up and down. Her domineering phoenix eyes gradually revealed a disdainful smile.

“You had an affair with Xia Chu, and your body is filled with germs… Why would you assume that I would accept you? My apologies, I, Hong Luan, will never accept such a sinner! To me, the mistakes you’ve committed can never be erased, and you no longer have a chance.”

The woman’s cruel words caused Ling Chen’s body to stiffen, and alas, he could no longer support his weight and fell heavily on the ground.

“I’m tired.” Yun Luofeng lazily stretched her waist. “I’ll take a rest first and don’t bother me if there’s nothing important.” After speaking, she shut her doors with a bang. The situation could be taken care of by Hong Luan now and didn’t require her to get involved.

“Men, invite Ling Chen to leave the estate!” Hong Ling clenched his teeth and spoke. “From today forward, the Governor’s Estate does not welcome his presence! Also, whoever allowed them to enter today will be arrested and dealt with according to the rules!”

After handing out his orders, Hong Ling looked at his daughter and said, “Follow me, I have something to tell you.”

Hong Luan furrowed her brows and slowly followed behind Hong Ling.

Within the room, neither Hong Ling or Hong Luan spoke, and the atmosphere turned stiff, faintly containing oppression.

“Luan’er,” In the end, Hong Ling couldn’t endure it and spoke, “I know that all these years, you’ve been blaming me for being too snobbish which resulted in you losing your mother.”

Hong Luan coldly sneered, “It’s good that you’re aware.”

This matter had been a thorn in her heart for all these years, and it had not lessened in the slightest.

“However, do you know why are there no heirs appearing in this Governor’s Estate other than you?”

“It’s retribution!”

Even though Hong Ling did not side with Ling Chen this time, she was still unable to eliminate the prejudice she had towards him. If it weren’t for him, her mother never would have tried to forcefully break through to prove herself, and what’s more, wouldn’t have exploded and died.

Everything was caused by his obsession to strengthen his power, and so he had married concubines.

Hong Ling did not get angry, but instead, smiled bitterly and shook his head. “That’s because before I take in a concubine, I secretly let them consume a type of medicinal herb that makes them unable to conceive!”

Hong Luan stared blankly and raised her head in disbelief while looking at Hong Ling in shock.

“I know that my methods are too cruel and ruthless, but I can give them a life of luxury and unsurpassed status. However, I will never let them conceive my heir!” Hong Ling tightly pressed down on Hong Luan’s shoulders.

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