Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1348 - Unrivalled In Being Shameless (6)

Chapter 1348: Unrivalled In Being Shameless (6)

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Unfortunately for you, I’m a narrow-minded person!

Even though Hong Ling did not know of Yun Luofeng’s and Hong Luan’s intentions, he still invited a physician. Soon after that, a physician with a head full of white hair appeared before Hong Ling.

“Examine her body,” Hong Ling waved and said.

“I understand, Governor.” The elderly man cupped his fists and slowly walked towards Xia Chu.

“No, I don’t want that!” Seeing that the elderly man was walking towards her, Xia Chu’s expression changed drastically and she walked back step by step. “Don’t come any closer!”

Hong Luan looked at Xia Chu while beaming with a big smile. “I heard that your miscarriage caused your body to be frail, so I invited a physician to examine you, but why are you acting this way? Could it be you have kept a secret hidden?”

Only at this moment did Xia Chu understand that she would never be Hong Luan’s opponent in her entire life! Looking at the elderly man walking closer, she panicked, and her robes were soaked in sweat while a look of despair was on her face.

No matter how foolish Ling Chen was, at this moment he had noticed that something was wrong. His expression turned cold, without the slightest hint of his previous tenderness.

“Xia Chu, let him examine you!”

Xia Chu shivered.

It was also at this instant that the elderly man touched Xia Chu’s wrist. After a long time, his brows slightly knitted and he said, “Youngsters nowadays sure are courageous to consume everything recklessly. To even dare to eat a medicinal herb like Rauzan Flower indiscriminately!”

“Rauzan Flower?” Ling Chen’s body suddenly stiffened. Even if he wasn’t a physician, he had also heard of a medicinal herb called Rauzan Flower.

Reportedly, this herb only had one effect, which was to allow someone who was healthy to look as if they were a sickly person! As this medicinal herb did not have any beneficial effects, medicinal shops would rarely sell this herb. However, if one were to consume Rauzan Flower frequently, it would ultimately cause one’s physique to become frail and weak. As such, the elderly man had spoken such words.

“Young master.”

A trace of anxiousness streaked across Xia Chu’s face. She hurriedly pulled on Ling Chen’s hand and spoke, “Young master, listen to me. Everything I’ve done is for…”


Ling Chen fiercely flung Xia Chu’s hands away, causing her to retreat a few steps and fall heavily on the ground, with a complexion as pale as a ghost.

Ling Chen bellowed, “Xia Chu, you’ve always been deceiving me? No wonder your old illness would recur whenever I looked for Hong Luan, and due to guilt, I always returned to your side every single time. Yet in the end, it was merely a plot!”

Ling Chen’s heart seemed to have been pricked by needles, and it was incomparably painful.

The person he loved wholeheartedly was a scheming woman who could even sacrifice her health to obtain him. Besides… she tried to seduce Yun Luofeng, but after being rejected, attempted to frame her! How could such a woman be the Xia Chu that was pure and honest in his heart?

“Young master.”

Chu Xia’s voice choked with emotions. “Everything I’ve done is all because I love you.”

“You love me? Haha!” Ling Chen laughed wildly, and his laughter was deranged, and his footsteps staggered. He then spoke in a pained manner, “I wonder if there was ever any truth behind anything you’ve told me! A few days ago you told me that your heart would never change even if you saw someone better, but after seeing Yun Luofeng’s devastatingly gorgeous appearance, you attempted to seduce her. Is this the commitment you have for me?”

“I didn’t, I didn’t…” Xia Chu’s eyes were filled with tears as she shook her head while her voice trembled.

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