Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1345 - Unrivalled In Being Shameless (3)

Chapter 1345: Unrivalled In Being Shameless (3)

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Chu Xia broke down in tears with half her chest revealed along with her scattered hair, making it impossible for one to avoid making assumptions about her encounter.

“Young master…” Xia Chu stopped her tears with great difficulty and raised her eyes that were blurred with tears, seemingly a weeping beauty. “You have to uphold justice for Chu’er!”

Her words indirectly accused Yun Luofeng of molesting her.

“Good, very good!” Ling Chen tightly gnashed his teeth, and everyone could even hear grinding sounds. “Hong Luan, so this is the kind of man you’ve found, a lecherous man! Not only is he lecherous, he even dared to molest Chu’er? This kind of man is not worthy of Chu’er!”

Hong Luan smirked and played with her hair. “Between me and Xia Chu, who is prettier? Yun Luofeng giving Xia Chu furtive glances is a joke! She cannot even be compared to a single finger of mine, so do you think she’s worth Feng’er to peep at?”

Everyone in the Governor’s Estate stared at Ling Chen with an unfriendly expression. If he dared to say that their young miss couldn’t be compared to Xia Chu’s beauty, they would definitely gather around and beat him until he was half dead before talking reason!

Who cares if he’s the young master of the North Province? He’s not allowed to humiliate the eldest young miss no matter what!

Ling Chen replied in anger, “Yes, you’re indeed beautiful, but you’re too unruly, unreasonable, and cause trouble without reason! How can you be compared to Chu’er’s gentleness? Besides, men are all insatiably greedy and who would dare to swear that they would not think of having three wives and four concubines?”

After speaking, Ling Chen turned towards Hong Ling who was taciturn without speaking. “Uncle Hong, you have to give me an explanation!”

Hong Ling’s dignified gaze swept towards the woman in Ling Chen’s embrace and sternly said, “Who allowed this woman to step into the Governor’s Estate?”

He did not reply to Ling Chen’s questioning but instead interrogated his men.

“What do you think my Governor’s Estate is? A place where a shady woman can enter?” Hong Ling’s eyes burned with rage as his voice was imposing and domineering. “Ling Chen, I allowed you to take in concubines, but I did not say that you could bring your concubines to bully my daughter! Therefore, you can spare the address of Uncle Hong as I don’t have a nephew like you!”

Ling Chen’s expression became ashen and pale while he gnashed his teeth. “Governor Hong… Ling, do you intend to shield Yun Luofeng?”

“Hmph, just a one-sided statement from her and you came to a judgment that Yun Luofeng had molested her? On the contrary, I think that this woman has an ulterior motive and can’t bear to see my daughter being happy, so she came to wreck this marriage predestined by fate.”

Hong Luan oddly turned towards Hong Ling.

According to her own father’s personality, he would definitely side with Ling Chen in this type of situation as after all, Ling Chen was the young master of the North Province. He was a person who regarded power of importance and also placed importance on the relationship between various Provinces, so how could he possibly berate Ling Chen for her?

If it were because of Jun Family’s relations, it was still unlikely. It had yet to be confirmed that Yun Luofeng was the son of the eldest young miss of Jun Family, and he would never make a decision in a situation where he wasn’t certain.

Could it be… this guy had a change of personality?

“Young master.” Chu Xia’s tears flowed down like running water while her voice filled with grievance caused one to feel sorry for her.

“I’m sorry, it’s all my fault. If it weren’t for Chu’er, you wouldn’t have encountered such a situation. Originally, Chu’er came looking for Yun Luofeng with good intentions, thinking of asking him to give his blessings for you and Miss Hong Luan. However, who knew… who knew Yun Luofeng was such a lecherous man?” Xia Chu bit on her lips, lifting her head and looked at Ling Chen, “However, Yun Luofeng is the Governor’s Estate’s future son-in-law, and it’s better that we let this go. I don’t wish to implicate young master. Chu’er can bear with such unfair treatment.”

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