Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1344 - Unrivalled In Being Shameless (2)

Chapter 1344: Unrivalled In Being Shameless (2)

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“Ling Chen went to look for Hong Luan?” Yun Luofeng quirked her brow and asked.

Xia Chu nodded, “They are currently taking a stroll hand in hand. I felt unnecessary, so I left.”

It was reasonable to say that after a man heard that his own woman was taking a stroll hand in hand with another man, they would definitely be jealous. Instead, Yun Luofeng was still elegantly playing with the teacup while an absent-minded smile curled up on her peerless appearance.

Xia Chu’s eyes twinkled. Yun Luofeng indifference towards Hong Luan meant that their relationship was superficial and perhaps she could stick her foot in!

A long time later, Yun Luofeng put the teacup down. “If there’s nothing else, you can leave.”

“Young master Yun.”

Suddenly, Xia Chu pounced onto Yun Luofeng. She did not jump into his embrace but knelt on the ground before him instead.

“Young master Yun, during our first encounter, only then did Xia Chu understand the meaning of a celestial being. Even if you are merciless towards Chu’er, my heart belongs to you.”

Yun Luofeng lowered her eyes and her fingers lightly lifted Xia Chu’s chin while revealing a faint smile. “You mean… you’re trying to seduce me?”

Xia Chu lowered her head in embarrassment. “Chu’er is not as mule-headed and unreasonable as Miss Hong. Chu’er would be satisfied if I can wait upon young master for a night.”

Hong Luan was mule-headed and unreasonable?

A ruthless glint streaked across Yun Luofeng’s eyes and she raised her leg, kicking Xia Chu flying with a bang.

Xia Chu suddenly crashed against the wall, and she raised her eyes filled with astonishment and looked at Yun Luofeng in disbelief.

Facing a woman as gentle and tender like me, he was ruthless enough to attack me?

From the start, Xia Chu thought that Yun Luofeng coveted the Governor’s Estate’s power and so defended Hong Luan in public. After all, who would be fond of a woman as unreasonable as Hong Luan? However, she did not anticipate that Yun Luofeng would attack her when Hong Luan wasn’t present!

Yun Luofeng lazily leaned on her chair, and she fished out a handkerchief from her lapels, carefully wiping the finger that had touched Xia Chu’s chin. Her expression and actions were just like… Xia Chu was a germ that would infect her fingers!

“Since you’re unwilling to accept me, don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

Xia Chu’s eyes twinkled and a cold glint streaked across. With a tearing sound, she tore her clothing in the chest area, revealing half of her bosom in a way that looked enticing. After that, she deliberately made a mess of her hair before she rushed out with a bang and loudly shouted, “Help! Someone is trying to molest me!”

Xia Chu’s wailing cries were mournful, and her disheveled appearance made it easy for others to think they were real.

The first one to appear was the subordinate Ling Chen sent to protect Xia Chu. Ling Chen had ordered him that if Xia Chu were to scream, he must appear before her at the first instance. Witnessing Xia Chu’s disheveled appearance, he burned with anger. “Miss Xia Chu, please rest assured that my young master will definitely demand justice for you!”

Just as he was pacifying her, men from the Governor’s Estate had also heard the commotion and arrived. The person leading in the front was the governor, Hong Ling, who appeared worn out from the journey. Shortly behind Hong Ling, Hong Luan and Ling Chen had also rushed over in succession.

Seeing Ling Chen, Xia Chu rushed into his embrace with a cry and started crying loudly.

“Chu’er, what happened? Did that bastard molest you?” Seeing Xia Chu in his embrace, Ling Chen tightly clenched his fists, and his eyes seemed to spurt flames of fury.

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