Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1343 - Unrivalled In Being Shameless (1)

Chapter 1343: Unrivalled In Being Shameless (1)

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In the west garden of the Governor’s Estate, just as Hong Luan intended to look for Yun Luofeng, a figure suddenly appeared and blocked her path.

She furrowed her brows, “Who let you in?”

Whenever Ling Chen recalled everything Hong Luan had done to Xia Chu, he felt suffocating anger within. However, thinking of his motive coming to the Governor’s Estate today, he forcefully suppressed his rage.

“Hong Luan, I’m not here to pester you or find trouble. I want to talk to you.”

In any case, he had already dispatched his subordinates to follow Xia Chu secretly, and he figured that young master Yun would be incapable of committing any immoral acts.

“What is there to discuss between us?” Hong Luan sneered, moving sideways as she intended to leave by walking around Ling Chen.

Ling Chen hastily moved and continued to block her way.

“Get lost!” Hong Luan’s expression was cold as she sternly shouted.

Looking at Hong Luan, he said. “Hong Luan, you would never talk to me like this in the past, and at the same time, you never would have harmed an innocent woman due to jealousy. You’ve changed, changed to become vicious, ruthless, and incomparably cruel! Is everything all because of that guy?”

Hearing his words, Hong Luan laughed, and her laughter was filled with sarcasm.

“That’s only because you didn’t understand me! Ling Chen, I’ll give you another chance, get out of my estate. From today onward, both of us are like strangers, without any entanglement!”

“Hong Luan!” Seeing that Hong Luan was about to turn and leave, Ling Chen hastily called out, “Are you truly disregarding our past friendship?”

Hong Luan’s stopped, and a trace of confusion surfaced in her heart.

In the past, Ling Chen would definitely fly into a rage after she treated Xia Chu like that. However, at this moment, there were no traces of him being angry at her treatment of Xia Chu. Instead, all the signs seemed to be indicating that he did not wish for her to leave!

Why was that?

“Miss.” A servant maid hurriedly ran over and softly whispered in Hong Luan’s ear.

Hearing her words, Hong Luan’s eyes revealed a glint as she looked at Ling Chen oddly.

Ling Chen initially thought that Hong Luan would not stay, but she was actually not in a rush after the servant maid whispered something to her. The smile on her lips revealed sinister intent and her phoenix eyes were brimming with amusement.

“You said you wanted to talk with me?” Hong Luan looked at Ling Chen with a fake smile. “Sure, I’ll have a good talk with you right now.”

Seeing Hong Luan changing her mind, Ling Chen faintly felt unease in his heart, but he was unsure what had caused the unease.

Could it be that… Hong Luan is aware that Chu’er went looking for Yun Luofeng?


That was impossible!

With Hong Luan’s personality, if she found out that another woman went to look for her man, she would definitely aggressively rush there. Therefore, perhaps Hong Luan was honestly willing to have a chat with him…

Ling Chen smiled. As long as he could hold her up, Chu’er would have a chance to convince Yun Luofeng to give up on Hong Luan.

Within the room, Yun Luofeng was seated upright on the chair. Her eyes faintly twitched as she heard the sound of footsteps outside.

The door was pushed open by a pair of lily white hands, and soon after, a beauty in green dress appeared in her room. At this moment, the lady’s eyes were twinkling with tears as her expression of weakness and helplessness gazed at Yun Luofeng.

Yun Luofeng sipped her tea and asked indifferently, “Ling Chen brought you in?”

Xia Chu bit on her lips. “Young master left me alone due to Miss Hong Luan, and I did not intentionally intrude here. I wasn’t aware that this was young master Yun’s place of residence and I ask the young master to forgive my rashness.”

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