Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1342 - Spirit Province's Jun Family (6)

Chapter 1342: Spirit Province’s Jun Family (6)

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Ling Chen, who was originally uncomparably handsome in her eyes, was like dung when compared to that young master. He was similar to an immortal who was detached from the mortal life, and even a glance from him could cause one’s heart to beat frantically.

The only unfortunate thing was that his background couldn’t be compared to Ling Chen, and precisely due to this, she had suppressed her impulse that day. However, if she could enjoy one night with the young man, she would be satisfied. As for the disdain Yun Luofeng had towards her while protecting Hong Luan it was not important since in her opinion no man could resist a woman who was tender and soft as water.

Unfortunately, Xia Chu did not know that Yun Luofeng was a woman, causing her to do something that she would regret for the rest of her life!

Five days later, within the restaurant that was bustling with activity, the crowd had long dispersed.

Ling Chen helped Xia Chu up while feeling heartache and he gnashed his teeth in anger. “Chu’er, you can rest assured that after I’ve married Hong Luan, I’ll let you deal with her!”

Xia Chu lowered her head, and her head of black hair covered her pale complexion.

“Young master Ling Chen, I’ve accomplished the task Miss Hong Luan entrusted to me, and I’ll follow along with you to meet her. Besides, I wish to have a conversation with young master Yun, in the hope that he will fulfill his promise and give Miss Hong Luan to you.”

“No!” Ling Chen hastily pulled Xia Chu’s hands, “How can I be at ease with you looking for that bastard? You’re so beautiful and what if he harbors bad intentions and bullies you?”

Xia Chu revealed a miserable smile, “Young master, if he really intends to commit beastly actions towards me, then it’ll let Miss Hong Luan know his true colors. Wouldn’t that be much better?”

“I do not agree to this. I shall settle this matter Chu’er, and it’s best if you’re not involved,” Ling Chen frowned and spoke. Xia Chu was his woman, so how could he possibly allow his own woman to meet with an unknown man? Therefore, he would never agree to her suggestion.

“Young master, if you were to look for him, you’ll be meeting as rivals in love. How could he possibly give Miss Hong Luan to you?” Xia Chu shook her head, “Actually, that day he said that if I were to kneel for five days and nights, he would consider giving Hong Luan to you and he did not give a certain answer!”

Ling Chen’s heart trembled. “Then why were you willing to suffer for five days and nights?”

“Young master, if it’s for you, I will not give up as long as there’s a gleam of hope.” Xia Chu tightly bit on her lips and continued, “Furthermore, it’ll be the best if I were to persuade young master Yun to surrender! However, I would require you to pester Hong Luan during that period or otherwise, with her temperament, she’ll definitely forbid young master Yun from doing so!”

“Chu’er.” Ling Chen tightly held Xia Chu in his embrace. “You’ve done too much for me. What good have I done in my life to deserve such a kindhearted and virtuous woman like you?”

Xia Chu burrowed her head on Ling Chen’s chest, so he was unable to see her expression.

“You are the love of my life, and for you, I have nothing to fear even I have to enter the depths of hell.” Xia Chu raised her head and stared at Ling Chen with tears twinkling in her eyes, “Young master, you can rest assured. Since Chu’er has decided to follow you, Chu’er will definitely keep myself pure and if that young man truly intends to molest Chu’er, I will not let him have his way!”

Ling Chen was silent for quite a while before answering. “Alright, I’ll send someone to protect you in secret.”

Xia Chu’s eyes twinkled. “Young master, let your subordinate maintain a distance away from me, or otherwise he will be discovered! If he were to discover your subordinates, he would definitely be unwilling to let go of Miss Hong Luan! For you, Chu’er is willing to take a gamble!”

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