Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1341 - Spirit Province's Jun Family (5)

Chapter 1341: Spirit Province’s Jun Family (5)

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If a human dies, they can still be reincarnated, but if one’s soul disperses, then it meant that they had disappeared from this world.

Hong Luan sneered, “I was young and immature back then, so my memories of her aren’t especially clear. However, she was still my mother so how could I not hate him? Sometimes, I wish that I didn’t have him as my father!”

Yun Luofeng sipped her tea and continued listening to Hong Luan’s story.

“Perhaps it’s retribution. My father has had countless concubines all these years, but none was able to conceive an heir.” Hong Luan’s smile became increasingly chilly. “Yun Luofeng, why are men so ruthless? They conquered this place together with my mother, but he started taking in concubines in a blink of an eye after obtaining this land! For men, is power and influence so important?”

In this instant, a handsome yet grim expression surfaced in Yun Luofeng’s mind and she faintly smiled.

“If he loves you, he’ll naturally be willing to abandon the world for you. If he’s not sincere, then you’re not as important as the world in his eyes.”

That year when meeting Yun Xiao, she was only a trash with a bad reputation, yet he was the Ghost Emperor that was set up high above!

For her, he had willingly set aside his position and become the man behind her. If she were to request it of him, then that man would definitely obtain the whole world for her. In this life, what other desires would she have when she had such a husband?

“Yun Luofeng, I told my father that if he continues forcing me, I don’t mind giving up the Governor’s Estate. But in reality, I was only scaring him. I am his only daughter and who else could he pass the position to? Although I do not place importance on power, I must obtain this Governor’s Estate!” Hong Luan’s gaze became resolute. “The reason is that a portion of this East Province belongs to my mother and I will never let others take advantage of it!”

Such a joke! How could she possibly give up the East Province? For her mother, she would never give the East Province to someone else!

“I have faith in your strength.”

Yun Luofeng smiled. With Hong Luan’s abilities, she would indeed be able to make it big in the future, yet it was unknown if there would be a man capable of moving her emotionally. No matter what, Ling Chen was no longer one of her choices!

A servant maid pushed open the door and entered while hastily reporting, “Miss, young master Ling Chen is still outside, unwilling to leave.”

“Ignore him,” Hong Luan sneered, “Since he likes to wait, let him be! I’d like to see how long he can wait! According to Ling Chen’s temperament, he will leave within 6 hours!”

Hong Luan had thought too highly of Ling Chen. Not to mention 6 hours, he did not even wait for 2 hours before he hastily left towards the restaurant to persuade Chu Xia. However, Xia Chu had made a firm resolution that she would not stand up before the five days were up.

For this reason, the hatred Ling Chen had towards Hong Luan had increased a few levels, and the emptiness in his heart he previously felt had long been forgotten.

“Hong Luan, just you wait. By treating Xia Chu in this manner, I will let you repay this debt another day a thousandfold!” Ling Chen said while overflowing with hatred.

Currently, Ling Chen who was overflowing with anger did not notice in the slightest that a trace of smug and sinister emotion flashed through Xia Chu’s eyes.

Hong Luan, your personality is too overbearing and unreasonable. No man would ever fancy a woman like you! As long as I slightly scheme, even that peerless white-robed young man beside you will become mine!

At this moment, Yun Luofeng’s arrogant and confident appearance surfaced in Xia Chu’s mind while her eyes revealed infatuation. It was the first time she had ever met such an exceptional young man!

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