Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1340 - Spirit Province's Jun Family (4)

Chapter 1340: Spirit Province’s Jun Family (4)

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Hong Ling was extremely furious as his palms suddenly slammed on the table and smashed it into pieces. Yet, Hong Luan turned to leave without caring about Hong Ling’s anger in the slightest.

“This girl is too rebellious to dare to speak to her father in this way and lecture me!” Hong Ling overflowed with anger. “Without power, how can one stand at the peak? How can one rely on their strength to stand at this position? If it weren’t because the Governor’s Estate provided her with the conditions to cultivate, how could she have become so strong?”

Hong Ling became even angrier as he thought about it. He had never believed that a person of low status could rely on their strength to reach the summit and even more, he did not believe one could be powerful without a Family’s nurturing.

It was impossible for a phoenix to emerge from a mountain village and a phoenix could only surface by using countless precious ingredients and treasures!

“Forget it, I’ll take my hands off you in the future, and you can do whatever you please! Expending all my might, wanting to be connected by marriage with the North Province and thinking of obtaining the Jun Family’s assistance, wasn’t it all for you? However, you are not the slightest bit grateful towards me for all I’ve done, and your obstinate attitude is the same as your mother. I must have owed both of you too much in my previous life!” Hong Ling sighed heavily and sat down.

Currently, the expert that inspired awe throughout the Province was just like a normal helpless father facing a daughter in her rebellious phase, and he could only allow her to make her own life decisions…

After Hong Luan left the study room, it was evident that she was exhausted. Just as she pushed the door open, she suddenly noticed the white-robed young man seated in her room sipping tea.

“Yun Luofeng?” Hong Luan stared blankly, “Why are you in my room?”

Yun Luofeng placed the teacup down, raised her head and looked at Hong Huan. “What’s with the huge changes in the Seven Provinces?”

Hong Luan walked in and poured a cup of tea, seemingly minding her own business. She lightly sipped her tea before placing the teacup down.

“The Seven Province’s huge changes had happened once before a thousand years ago.”

Hong Luan looked at Yun Luofeng. “Do you know that the underground of the Seven Provinces Continent is suppressing a terrifying existence? These existences awaken once every thousand years, and when they awaken, it is a calamity of the entire Continent. However, no one is clear about the exact timing when they will awaken. My father is afraid that he will be on his deathbed at that time and I will not be able to deal with those existences. So, he thought to connect with the North Province via marriage, hoping to rely on their influence to help us.”

Yun Luofeng frowned. It was the first time she had heard all of this information.

“Actually, I know that my father has my best interests at heart, but I’m unwilling to comply with his orders. I do not believe that I’m unable to fight against those existences with my strength!” Hong Luan laughed and explained.

Yun Luofeng lifted her brow. “It doesn’t seem like there are just these conflicting views between you and your father.”

Hong Luan was surprised and helplessly revealed the truth. “You noticed it? It’s because he caused my mother’s death, so I haven’t had any good feelings for him since I was young.”

“Your mother?”

“That’s right, my mother’s personality was resolute and upright. Her temper was even more explosive than mine, and she was also powerful. That year, this East Province had been conquered by her and my father together! However, to make the hearts of those powerful subordinates follow my father and not betray him, he decided to take in their daughters as his concubines!”

“How could a person like my mother allow a man to have three wives and four concubines? Because of that, she left my father in a fit of anger. To prove to my father that he did not need to rely on marriages to strengthen their influence, she attempted a forced breakthrough, resulting in her death by an explosion with her soul dispersing!”

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