Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1339 - Spirit Province's Jun Family (3)

Chapter 1339: Spirit Province’s Jun Family (3)

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In fact, Hong Luan wanting to inform the Jun Family was not only for Yun Luofeng to be safe. More importantly, she admired the Jun Family’s lord.

This lord’s wife had passed away many years ago yet he had still insisted on his feelings and did not remarry. After he had taken revenge, he wholeheartedly searched for his daughter for dozens of years, but it was as though just one day had passed and he had not abandoned hope even now.

How could she not be touched by such a spirit?

“Without a doubt, this jade pendant should have originated from the Jun Family’s lord. However, whether Yun Luofeng’s mother is the eldest young miss of the Jun Family still requires some verification. Furthermore, the Jun Family’s lord left the Spirit Province after passing the family position to his disciple. Even till today, his whereabouts are still unknown and locating him is easier said than done.” Hong Ling shook his head and helplessly sighed.

The Jun Family’s lord was always traveling throughout the various Provinces, and even the Jun Family was unaware of his specific location. He had only brought along the daughter of his disciple by his side and searching for him was just like finding a needle in a haystack.

“Father, why don’t we inform the Jun Family? I’m sure they have the means to locate the lord.”

Hong Luan’s expression was determined. If Yun Luofeng had the Jun Family as her backing, she would be able to travel around the Seven Provinces without fear and who would dare to humiliate her?

“Okay!” Hong Ling’s eyes flickered, “Hong Luan, you should build up good relations with Yun Luofeng during this period. If he’s the son of the Jun Family’s eldest young miss, it’s fine if you are connected to Yun Luofeng by marriage.” The more Hong Ling spoke, the more excited he was.

The Spirit Province was one of the front-ranking among the Seven Provinces, and if they could be related with the Jun Family by marriage, it was much better compared to the North Province! However, before he had calmed down his excited emotions, Hong Luan doused him with a pot of cold water.

“First, my relationship with Yun Luofeng is already good!”

“Secondly, the Jun Family is the Jun Family, and Yun Luofeng is Yun Luofeng. No matter if he’s really from the Jun Family, he’s someone I have acknowledged! I’m different from you. You place too much importance on power, but in my eyes, power cannot be compared to friendship. If one is overly obsessed with pursuing power, how much can they achieve in their life?”

Being lectured by his daughter resulted in Hong Ling’s expression becoming even paler as flames of anger rushed to his head.

“Father, we are cultivators, and originally, cultivators do as they please. Too many distracting thoughts will make it hard for us to advance forth! If you insist on me being the same as you, then I would rather not want this governor position! I believe that with my strength, I can reach the summit of this continent!”

Hong Luan had always disapproved of Hong Ling pursuing power and influence. In her opinion, one should do as they please. Regardless if Yun Luofeng was from the Jun Family, she was a friend she had acknowledged for her lifetime, without change!

The reason why she had regarded Yun Luofeng of such importance was most probably because of the previous fight in the restaurant. This fight had caused her to cherish Yun Luofeng, and after hanging out together these days, she understood that they were the same type of person. Furthermore, in that fight, she and Yun Luofeng were equally matched, and her objective was to be able to defeat her one day!

“Luan’er, you…” Hong Ling slammed the table and stood up while meeting her with glaring eyes.

Hong Luan remained unmoved and smiled. “Father, if Yun Luofeng is someone from the Jun Family, I will not draw support from the Jun Family just because you want me to, and even if he’s not from the Jun Family, he’s still the only person I call as my friend in this life!”

Those people whom she had met in the past were all people who curried favor due to the Governor’s Estate’s influence, and only Yun Luofeng could become her true friend!

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