Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1338 - Spirit Province’s Jun Family (2)

Chapter 1338: Spirit Province's Jun Family (2)

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However, Yun Luofeng’s haughty attitude caused Hong Ling to feel dissatisfied, and his expression darkened. The first time they met, as Yun Luofeng and Hong Luan did not stop by for long, and he did not have the chance to size up Yun Luofeng carefully. Only now was he able to carefully look at Yun Luofeng from head to toe. However…

A piece of jade pendant hung on the young man’s waist entered his line of sight. A Jun character was clearly carved on the jade pendant, causing his eyes to narrow.

“You are from the Spirit Province’s Jun Family?”

Spirit Province’s Jun Family?

Yun Luofeng stared blankly. Her line of sight gradually fell on the jade pendant hung on her robe as suspicion surfaced in her eyes. This jade pendant was given to her by Jun Fengling. Could it be that there was a problem with it?

“What Spirit Province’s Jun Family?” Yun Luofeng’s brows quirked as she asked.

“The Spirit Province’s governor’s surname is Jun!” Hong Ling carefully stared at Yun Luofeng. “Tell me, where did you obtain this jade pendant?”

Yun Luofeng lightly stroked the jade pendant and faintly smiled. “It’s an item my mother had since she was young. Is there a problem?”

Jun Fengling was Yun Xiao’s mother and was also naturally her mother too. With her current appearance, she could not say that it was gifted to her by her mother-in-law, so she had addressed Jun Fengling as her mother.

Hong Ling’s eyes shrunk and instantly recovered.

“If you wish to know the origins of the jade pendant, you can make a trip to the Jun Family in the Spirit Province, and the answer you’re looking for is there. Besides, the Jun Family has offended a large number of enemies, and I’d advise you to remove this pendant to prevent being discovered by their enemies.”

Yun Luofeng’s eyes narrowed and stayed silent for a long time.

Spirit Province’s Jun Family?

It seems like after locating Yun Xiao she would have to make a trip to the Spirit Province to seek for an answer!

After Yun Luofeng left the study room, Hong Luan seemed to notice that her father had something to say and so stayed behind. “Father, exactly what’s with the Jun Family you speak of?”

Hong Luan sighed. “Several years ago, the Jun Family’s lord offended the previous governor of the Spirit Province and was chased by countless experts. At that time, his wife had been killed by the previous governor, and to protect his daughter who was in her infancy, the lord had no alternative but to gift her to an old friend…”

“After that, the Jun Family’s lord sought revenge from the previous governor and also, exterminated the governor’s entire estate. As a result, the lord assumed the position of governor in Spirit Province. Yet, the lord did not leave the Jun Family, and so, when others mentioned the Spirit Province Governor’s Estate, it can also be called the Spirit Province’s Jun Family! However, he has become the right and proper governor of the Spirit Province!”

“All these years, the lord still remembers his deceased wife and has remained a bachelor. Furthermore, he has been searching for the whereabouts of his daughter all these years, but not to mention his daughter, even that old friend disappeared without a trace!”

“Therefore, the Jun Family’s missing daughter has become the most enigmatic problem. Now with the Jun Family’s jade pendant appearing in Yun Luofeng hands, could it be that… her mother was the Jun Family lord’s daughter?”

Hong Luan was somewhat astonished, seemingly never having thought that Yun Luofeng would have such an identity. She was silent for a moment before asking. “Are you sure Yun Luofeng’s mother is the Jun Family’s daughter? Could that jade pendant be from someone else of the Jun Family?”

Hong Luan shook his head. “The Jun character on that jade pendant was carved using a special method. In particular, this jade pendant can resist one killing attack from an expert. Do you think an ordinary person from the Jun family can possess such a jade pendant?”

Hong Luan blinked her eyes. “Father, do we need to inform the Jun Family of this matter?”

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