Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1337 - Spirit Province’s Jun Family (1)

Chapter 1337: Spirit Province's Jun Family (1)

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“Let’s go together.” Yun Luofeng shrugged her shoulders. Since the governor invited her and Hong Luan, what harm was there in making this trip?

Hong Luan did not speak any further, but she had made a firm resolution. If her father were to make things difficult for Yun Luofeng, she would disregard everything and stand by her side.

This was what she had promised Yun Luofeng!

A promise must be kept and by no means could it be broken!

The atmosphere within the study room was tense as the middle-aged man stood with his hands behind his back. His back faced the door and radiated an eminent and unapproachable aura.

This was also the second time Yun Luofeng had seen the governor, Hong Ling, all-powerful within the East Province and a figure above every man.

Seemingly sensing their arrival, Hong Ling slowly turned around. At this moment, he was not as overbearing as before, while his expression revealed his helplessness and he heavily sighed.

“Luan’er, are you truly unwilling to marry Ling Chen?”

The moment Hong Luan returned to the Governor’s Estate, he was fuming with anger so he couldn’t restrain himself and berated her. Now that he had calmed down, in order not to force his daughter to leave, he could only suppress his internal rage and revealed a helpless expression as he questioned her.

Hearing his words, Hong Luan seriously nodded, “Yes, I will not marry Ling Chen.”

“Luan’er, the Seven Province continent will go through enormous changes from now on, and if you were married to Ling Chen, only with an alliance between the two Provinces will we be able to continue to survive among the Seven Provinces!” Hong Ling’s expression gradually turned solemn, “Otherwise, the East Province will definitely be destroyed by then.”

Hong Luan sneered, “Father, you’re sending your daughter to connect by marriage just so the East Province will continue to survive in the future when huge changes occur in the Seven Province continent? It’s fine if it were someone else, but I, Hong Luan, will never use my marriage to ask for peace!”

Seven Province’s huge change?

After hearing these words, Yun Luofeng secretly took note while she stood alongside Hong Luan all along without commenting.

“Luan’er!” Hong Ling’s face revealed anger. “You’re only a woman and no matter how strong you are, how can you rely on your sole strength to support the entire East Province? I only have you as my daughter and if you do not marry Ling Chen, how am I supposed to die without concern?”

Hong Luan did not expect that her own father would be so stubborn and her expression also turned chillier.

“I’ve mentioned this before, with my strength, I do not require the North Province’s assistance! There will be one day that I’ll be able to use my own strength and let the East Province stand at the peak of the Seven Province Continent, and will never be forgotten!”

“Forget it.”

This expert who had shocked the world was full of helplessness now when facing his own daughter who was currently in her rebellious period. He was well aware of his own daughter’s temper. She would never turn back on something that she had decided!

“Luan’er, if you do not suffer a setback, you will never turn back. Your father is also helpless in dealing with you.” Hong Luan bitterly smiled.

Even though he was stern with his daughter, but in any case, she was his only daughter and could it be that he had to tie her up on the marriage sedan?

“I will not interfere in your affairs in the future. Besides, the matters between you and Ling Chen have to be settled by you personally. In a few days, the North Province’s governor will personally visit to withdraw the marriage. Have you thought about how you are going to decline tactfully?”

“Tactfully decline? Why should I do that?” Hong Luan coldly chuckled. “I said I wouldn’t be marrying and that’s that. Even if the emperor were to arrive, I would also refuse to marry!”

Hong Luan shook his head helplessly and only then did he shift his line of sight to Yun Luofeng.

Currently, perhaps Yun Luofeng felt that the father and daughter discussion was boring, so she had casually pulled up a chair and sat down. Her body lazily leaned against the chair while her wicked eyes revealed an attitude of looking down on the world.


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