Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1336 - Feigning Illness (6)

Chapter 1336: Feigning Illness (6)

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Within this East Province, Hong Luan had reserved a cabin in all restaurants, just because she did not want to use something that someone else had used before!

After all the dishes were served, it could be even said that the food smelled good, looked good, and tasted great, yet Hong Luan saw that Yun Luofeng didn’t move her chopsticks, so she asked. “Are the dishes of this restaurant not to your liking?”

Yun Luofeng ate a mouthful of food and shook her head, “No, I was just longing for someone else’s food.”

During this period after leaving Yun Xiao, she was still unaccustomed to outside food. Of course, if it were someone else who had tasted Yun Xiao’s cooking, they would probably be unable to eat any of this food.

The difference between them was like heaven and earth!

“By the way, where has Hu Li gone to?”

Yun Luofeng lowered the chopsticks in her hands. “He’s not far from me, and he won’t be appearing by my side for the time being.”

Before she clarified Wu’s identity, she would not allow him to approach her, and Hu Li was sent to monitor him.

“You suspect that child’s identity yet you sent Hu Li to monitor him, Aren’t you afraid that Hu Li might encounter danger?” Hong Luan curiously questioned.

Yun Luofeng smiled. “If there’s a problem with this child, his objective would be me. Therefore, he would not inadvertently alert an enemy by harming Hu Li.”

This was also the reason she had been at ease, allowing Hu Li to be alone with him.

After Yun Luofeng and Hong Luan returned to the Governor’s Estate, the skies had turned dark. Just as they stepped through the gates, a breeze-like figure rushed from behind her.

“Hong Luan!” Ling Chen’s tone was furious as he hastily dashed towards Hong Luan. His tightly clenched fist crackled and his eyes were thoroughly red.

“Why did you do that? Why did you punish Chu’er in such a way? She merely went to find you because of me, yet you had the heart to be so ruthless towards such a kind-hearted woman like her?”

Ling Chen was angered to the point his body trembled. “Right now, I want you to beg Chu’er to stand up. When I forced her to, she threatened me saying that she would commit suicide and dared not stand without your orders! Follow me immediately to beg her to stand!”

The words he used were not to ‘ask,’ but to ‘beg.’

Just as Ling Chen and grabbed Hong Luan’s arm to drag her forcefully, Hong Luan’s expression turned chilly as she ruthlessly flung his hands away.

“Feng’er has said, if she were to kneel for five days and night, Feng’er would consider giving me to you. However, I did not force her to kneel, and this was her own choice, so it’s unrelated to me.”

At that time, Yun Luofeng only said she would consider and did not use an exact wording! Even if Chu Xia indeed knelt for five days and nights, Yun Luofeng would never hand Hong Luan over to Ling Chen!

Ling Chen raised his hands, and a palm fiercely struck towards Hong Luan.

Just as his palms were about to land on Hong Luan’s face, she raised her hands and tightly grasped his wrists.

“Ling Chen, this is the end of our friendship! Between us, we do not owe each other anything else!”

Hong Luan suddenly used force, causing Ling Chen to retreat. He touched his wrists that had turned blue-black and looked up at the red-robed lady who gradually disappeared from his sight. He didn’t know why, but looking at the woman’s heartless appearance, he momentarily felt his heart feeling empty…

Even Ling Chen himself did not know where this feeling came from!

“Eldest young Miss.” Suddenly, a bodyguard walked out and cupped his fists towards Hong Luan as he said respectfully, “Eldest young Miss, the governor invites you and young master Yun over.”

“Father is looking for me?” Hong Luan stared blankly. She then turned towards Yun Luofeng and asked, “If you are willing to follow me, then we’ll head there right now. If you are unwilling, no one can force you!”

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