Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1332 - Feigning Illness (2)

Chapter 1332: Feigning Illness (2)

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Therefore, she entrusted Hong Luan with this matter.

Hong Luan blinked her eyes. “That isn’t just one favor, but two favors. If I help you with these two favors, how will I benefit?”

“I’ll settle Ling Chen for you. However, I do not wish to oppose the North Province at this moment, so I still require you to handle it personally.”

She could help Hong Luan to deal with Ling Chen, but he was the young master of the North Province governor and the aftermath would require Hong Luan to personally settle it.

“Deal!” Hong Luan’s hands heavily slammed on the table. All of a sudden, she wasn’t able to control her own strength and had the brand new table had once again been smashed into two chunks.

Hong Luan’s expression was somewhat awkward. “Erm… I accidentally used too much force. I’ll have the restaurant bring another table again. In addition, you don’t have to worry about the North Province’s governor taking action against you! In any case, I, Hong Luan, am the East Province’s future governor. Even if they are courageous enough, they would never dare to touch someone I want to protect.”

Yun Luofeng quirked her brow. “Your father intends for you marry with Ling Chen. Isn’t he afraid that the East Province will fall into the North Province’s hands?”

“Nope,” Hong Luan shook her head. “Getting married to Ling Chen is only a formality. Even if we do get married, I would never follow him to the North Province! My father only has one daughter and I definitely have to inherit the East Province in the future! However, the situation in the continent as of now isn’t stable, and my father making me connect by marriage is only so that there’s a guaranteed relationship between the two provinces.”

One was the East Province’s future governor while another was the North Province’s heir. With them connected by marriage, it was bound to allow the two factions to be tightly bound together.

After Hong Luan explained this, she snorted once again. “My father has become muddleheaded after getting older and thought that a marriage could solve all the problems. I don’t have to rely on a marriage to obtain help. Just by relying on my own strength, I can still make the East Province last for over a thousand years!”

When the woman was speaking, the aggressiveness between her brows had evidently spread out and her heart-rending voice echoed throughout the cabin for a long time.

“Miss Hong Luan.”

The waiter walked in through the door and spoke respectfully, “That lady who came to the restaurant together with young master Ling Chen stated that she wishes to meet with you.”

Hong Luan stared blankly. “Xia Chu? Why has she come? Let her in.”

Yun Luofeng sipped her tea and asked, “What do you think about her personality?”

“I’m not sure,” Hong Luan shook her head. “I’ve only met with her a few times. In addition, I do not have any malice towards Xia Chu. All the fault lies in that dreg, Ling Chen! She’s only a victim!”

The person she hated in her heart would only be one person, Ling Chen!

Even if Xia Chu had obtained Ling Chen’s heart, Hong Luan did not hate her. The reason was that Hong Luan had believed from the start that she was only a pitiful person! After a long time, a lady walked in as the waiter lead her in.

The lady was dressed in a green dress with a violet belt fastened on her waist. Her head of black hair flowed slightly along with the wind as she walked, and her posture was elegant. After stepping into the cabin, she raised her head and it was at that moment that Yun Luofeng clearly saw her appearance.

Even though she was beautiful, she couldn’t be compared to Hong Luan’s alluring and magnificent style. Yet it was irrefutable that her gentleness and beauty could cause countless men to be moved. Her beautiful eyes faintly contained tears while her gentle expression seemed pale. Her pitiful expression would arouse one to feel tenderness towards her.

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