Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1330 - Scum (4)

Chapter 1330: Scum (4)

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No wonder Ling Chen was infatuated with her.

“You’re more important than Hong Luan.” Ling Chen hurried up to Xia Chu and held her delicate shoulder, his eyes filled with love for her. “If my father hadn’t said that I couldn’t marry you unless I married Hong Luan, I would never marry her. She is a shrew and is no match for the loving and caring person you are.”

Xia Chu buried her head in Ling Chen’s arms, her face delicate and pale, “Young Master Ling, it’s my fault. If it weren’t for me, you and Miss Hong Luan would have already been married. If Miss Hong Luan doesn’t want me to stay here, I’m willing to leave you. As long as you’re well, I’m willing to do anything.”

The woman raised her head, with tears in her eyes, and her voice was so soft and tender that no man could resist her charm.

“What are you talking about? I’ll never leave you alone. I just feel sorry that you can only be my concubine!” Ling Chen put his arms around Xia Chu’s shoulders, “In my life, you’re the only person I feel compassion for.”

Xia Chu shook her head, “No, the one you should feel compassion for is Miss Hong Luan.”

“Her?” Ling Chen sneered, “Isn’t it enough for her to be my wife? Must I have her as my only woman? A monogamous marriage? That is ridiculous! And she even hooked up with a gigolo after she ran away from home!”

“What?” Xia Chu covered her mouth in surprise. “Miss Hong Luan betrayed you? How… how could she do such a mean thing? A woman should be loyal to her husband and never betray him until her death!”

After saying this, Xia Chu vowed, “Young Master Ling Chen, I’ll never be unfaithful to you in my life! Unfortunately, my family is not strong enough, so I can’t become your wife. Otherwise, I would fulfill a wife’s responsibilities, manage the family well, and select proper concubines for you!”

She was implying that Hong Luan didn’t fulfill a wife’s duty by stopping Ling Chen from taking a concubine. As a wife, shouldn’t she help her husband select concubines and manage the family well?

Even though Hong Luan was the heiress to the Governor’s Estate, even though she wouldn’t go to the North Province but stay here to inherit the East Province after marrying Ling Chen… she had no right to stop Ling Chen from taking a concubine!

A wife must do her duty well, or else she was not qualified to be a wife!

“If Hong Luan was as understanding as you, I wouldn’t have to worry so much.” Ling Chen sighed and looked helpless.

“Young Master Ling, Miss Hong Luan must be afraid that I will compete for status with her, so she behaved like this. I’ll talk to her and explain it for you tomorrow. What do you think?” Xia Chu said softly, holding Ling Chen’s hand.

Ling Chen paused, “Chu’er, you haven’t recovered, you’d better not…”

“It doesn’t matter. My life was saved by you, so it’s my duty to explain this for you even though I’m still sick!” Xia Chu stared lovingly at Ling Chen, with a tender smile on her pale face.

When it came to any man, he would be touched by a woman understanding him and also being infatuated with him like Xia Chu.

Ling Chen was deeply touched, “Chu’er, you’ve done so much for me. I promise I’ll never let you down.”

“That promise alone is enough for me.” Xia Chu put her arms around Ling Chen’s neck and sent her soft, warm lips to his…

The room was brimming with an erotic atmosphere, and the two bodies blended into one.

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