Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1329 - Scum (3)

Chapter 1329: Scum (3)

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“Luan’er,” Ling Chen jumped to his feet and asked Hong Luan, pointing to Yun Luofeng, “You are so cold to me because of this gigolo? You would never treat me like this before! Ten years ago, you said you would marry me!”


Yun Luofeng squinted and a dangerous light flashed through her eyes.

“Ling Chen,” Hong Luan’s face turned colder, and she stared at his handsome face and said coldly, “Yes, I wanted to marry you, but that was ten years ago! Do you think I betrayed you because I have Yun Luofeng? No, you are the one who really betrayed me!”

Anger welled up within Ling Chen, “Luan’er, I’m a man! No man will only have one woman! But women are different. A woman has to be loyal to her husband until her death. Don’t you understand that?”

“Why can a man have more than one woman, while a woman must be loyal to one man? I, Hong Luan, will never compromise my principles. If my husband can’t be faithful to me, I won’t marry him!”

Yes! Even though she once loved Ling Chen, she hid her love deep in her heart after he fell in love with another woman. But now it seemed that she made a wise choice. When she was little, she had no idea that Ling Chen was such a disgusting scum!

“No man will only have one woman?” Yun Luofeng gave a wicked smile, “This is just the pretext of men for their lasciviousness. What’s the use of a man who can’t even control his sexual desires? Hong Luan, this kind of man doesn’t deserve you.”

Hong Luan cast a chilly glance at Ling Chen, “Don’t bother me again, or else I’ll beat you up every time I see you!”


Seeing that Hong Luan and Yun Luofeng turned to leave, Ling Chen cried out anxiously. However, he was not as talented as Hong Luan since childhood, so he never dared to provoke her, let alone at such a time.

Therefore, he restrained his inner impulse and looked anxiously at their disappearing figures…

At this moment, he thought of the good old days he spent with Hong Luan, and at the same time, the beautiful smiling face of the woman he loved also popped up in his mind. For some reason, when he looked at Hong Luan’s receding figure, his heart ached…

“Young master,” a servant hurried in.

Ling Chen frowned, “What’s the matter?”

“Miss Xia has had a relapse.”


Ling Chen’s face suddenly changed and he immediately forgot about Hong Luan, his eyes anxious. “Let’s go back to our mansion now!”

Many years ago, the governors of the East Province and the North Province were intended to be united by marriage, so the latter built a mansion in the East Province to foster their bond. However, no one expected that Ling Chen would fall in love with a commoner, and Hong Luan, angry at his betrayal, rejected the marriage and ran away from home.

At this moment, as soon as Ling Chen entered the mansion, he heard a sharp cough. The sound made his heart ache and he hastily pushed the door open, “Chu’er, how are you?”


Hearing his voice, the woman in bed raised her head and a feeble smile appeared on her delicate and beautiful face. “Young Master Ling, why did you come back? The most important thing for you is to find Miss Hong Luan and clear the air. I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.”

The woman couldn’t be compared with the gorgeous Hong Luan. However, compared with Hong Luan’s domineering demeanor, such a tender woman was exactly what most men loved.


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