Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1327 - Scum (1)

Chapter 1327: Scum (1)

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“Father, I came back this time to announce something,” said Hong Luan, holding the hand of the young man by her side, with a sly smile hovering on her red lips. “This is my man, Yun Luofeng!”

At first, the governor’s eyes were fixed on his baby girl, and when he heard this, he turned pale and turned his eyes to the young man standing beside Hong Luan.

The young man, dressed in a white robe, was peerlessly handsome, with a wicked smile in his dark, deep eyes. Looking at his eyes, you would feel like you were going to be sucked into them.

Danger! Yes!

Yun Luofeng, in the governor’s eyes, was handsome yet dangerous. His wickedness was irresistible and the smile on his face was awe-inspiring.

The governor’s face darkened, “Luan’er, stop messing about! I have chosen a fiancé for you. You must marry him whether you want to or not.”

“Dad,” Hong Luan sneered, “Why do you want me to marry him? Is it because he is the son of the North Province’s Governor? Have you ever thought about whether I’ll be happy after marrying him?”

The governor frowned and said helplessly, “Luan’er, I believe you’ll be happy after marrying him. Besides, you two have been on good terms since childhood. Why are you so opposed to being his wife now?”

“Dad, it’s enough. Except for Yun Luofeng, I won’t marry any man!” Taking a parting shot, Hong Luan held Yun Luofeng’s hand and was going to leave.

The governor flew into a rage, “Luan’er, stop!”

Hong Luan paused and stopped, and she lowered her eyes to conceal the cold resolve in her eyes.

“Young Master Yun,” the governor glanced up at Yun Luofeng and said coldly, “Luan’er is the heiress to our Governor’s Estate, and she’s destined to marry some man of the same status as her! With your pretty face, it must be easy for you to get women to fall for you. Why are you pestering my daughter?”

He was implying that Yun Luofeng had befuddled Hong with his looks.

Hong Luan’s eyes were filled with anger. Just when she was going to refute her father, the young man beside her took her hand and patted her arm gently.

Yun Luofeng raised her wicked black eyes and looked back at the governor who had turned blue with anger, “No one can force Hong Luan to marry someone she doesn’t like!” The young man’s voice was powerful and domineering. With that, she held Hong Luan’s arm and walked slowly out of the hall under the surprised stare of the crowd.

The Governor’s Estate had beautiful scenery. Yun Luofeng, holding Hong Luofeng’s arm, didn’t stop until they came to the aisle of the backyard.

Hong Luan turned to appreciate the perfect profile of Yun Luofeng and said sincerely, “Yun Luofeng, thank you. If you were really a man, I would definitely marry you.”

Yun Luofeng raised her eyebrows, “Even if I were a man, I would only marry a person named Yun Xiao!”

If she was a woman, she would marry Yun Xiao. If she were a man, she would still marry him!

In her lifetime, she would only marry one person, Yun Xiao!

“Titter!” Hong Luan couldn’t help but laugh and her eyes turned crescent-shaped, “I really envy you and your husband. What I want is nothing but a monogamous marriage in conjugal bliss. If there is someone else between my husband and me, I would rather stay single for my whole life.”

She would never abandon this principle for anyone!

Looking at the sadness on Hong Luan’s face, Yun Luofeng was going to say something, but then a joyful voice came from ahead.

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