Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1325 - Genius Hong Luan (3)

Chapter 1325: Genius Hong Luan (3)

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Yun Luofeng’s face darkened. The people of the Governor’s Estate were also stunned and stared at Hong Luan in astonishment.

“No!” Hu Li jumped out first, “Yun Luofeng is a woman. How can she pretend to be your man?”

Hong Luan cast a scornful glance at him, “She can disguise herself as a man. I’m not going to marry the man my father chose for me anyway.”


The people of the Governor’s Estate were all shocked and tried to stop Hong Luan.

Hong Luan looked at them coldly, “You are not allowed to leak any information about this. If I find out you do… I’ll never let you get away with it! Don’t forget, when my father grows old, I’ll be the one in charge of the East Province.”

Her domineering voice resounded throughout the hall, and her cold gaze swept across those people as she coldly ordered them.

Yun Luofeng’s face grew darker, “I haven’t said yes.”

In face of Yun Luofeng, Hong Luan was not as domineering as she treated the people of the Governor’s Estate. Her face was beaming with a smile. “We’re already friends. Now your friend is in trouble. Won’t you help me?”

“You can turn to Hu Li for help.”

“No way! I only want you!”

If it was someone else, Yun Luofeng would just leave without saying a word. However…

She appreciated Hong Luan a lot and felt bonded to her.

“Okay! I agree to do it!” Yun Luofeng nodded, “But you have to do me a favor.”

“What favor? Just name it. I’ll try my best to help you.”

“I’m looking for someone. His name is Yun Xiao and people call him the Ghost Emperor!”

The Governor’s Estate had thought that Yun Luofeng would refuse Miss’s unreasonable request, but to their surprise, she readily agreed…

Their hearts trembled all the more at the thought of Miss returning with this woman. They hoped that the governor didn’t find out about it, or else they would be punished too!

“Did you hear that?” Hong Luan raised her eyebrows and turned to the crowd behind her, “Find that person. Don’t come back until you find him.”

“Miss, you..,” the old man asked, frowning.

‘I’ll go back myself. Don’t worry about me!”

Looking at the woman’s cool and proud face, the old man gave a wry smile and finally left with the people of the Governor’s Estate.

After they left, Hong Luan spotted Wang Junfei who was trying to sneak away…

“Do you think you can leave after insulting our West Province Academy?” Hong Luan sneered, “That’s too good to be true. Hu Li, beat him up! Let him remember that I’m behind the West Province Academy!”

Hu Li seemed to be very afraid of Hong Luan and didn’t dare to go against her order. Besides, he had been enduring Wang Junfei for a long time, so he rushed up and beat him up. Beaten all black and blue, Wang Junfei shrieked shrilly…

Yun Luofeng glanced at Wang Junfei, who cried out in tears under Hu Li’s angry fists, and turned her eyes to Hong Luan.

“When do you start off?”

Hong Luan stroked her chin, “Let’s go. I’ll get you a set of men’s clothes, and then we’ll go to the Governor’s Estate!”

The streets were noisy and crowded.

Inside a clothing store, Hong Luan was waiting anxiously at the door. After a while, a white-clad handsome young man appeared in front of her and her eyes lit up.

The young man was stunningly handsome, with a smile on his lips. He looked relaxed and wicked yet charming.

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