Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1322 - East Province (6)

Chapter 1322: East Province (6)

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Yun Luofeng gave a faint smile, “I’m sorry, but I’m from the West Province Academy too, so… am I qualified to fight you?”

Wang Junfei snorted and waved his hand, “What are you waiting for? Get them!”

In Wang Junfei’s eyes, Yun Luofeng was nobody but another poor woman seduced by Hu Li. It was a pity that such a peerless beauty chose a pauper like Hu Li!

Yes, in his mind, Hu Li was a pauper! Though he ranked the tenth of the Heaven Roll of the West Province Academy and was valued by the academy, he still couldn’t be compared to the powerful Wang Family! With the strength of the Wang Family, it was just a trifle to make him disappear!

As soon as Wang Junfei finished, the girl suddenly disappeared. Before he figured out what happened, she had appeared in front of him…


Wang Junfei, standing between two men, was kicked out and awkwardly rolled down the stairs. The strong masters of the Wang Family were all stunned and then they rushed up to encircle Yun Luofeng in the middle.

Hu Li stood beside her and confronted them with her.

“Kill them, kill them both!” Ignoring the fact that the two were from the West Province Academy, Wang Junfei jumped to his feet and shouted angrily, his eyes bloodshot and ferocious.

The two big men immediately moved. Their fists, wrapped in spiritual energy, struck toward Yun Luofeng and Hu Li like a storm…

Wu stared in bewilderment at Yun Luofeng and Hu Li, biting his lips and keeping silent.

“What happened here?”

Suddenly, a low voice came through the door. Hearing it, Wang Junfei, who was already in a bad mood, flew into a rage. “Get out! Don’t make me angry!”

Footsteps stopped in front of Wang Junfei, and soon he heard an angry, old voice.

“Are you talking to me?

Wang Junfei frowned. Just when he was going to teach this stupid old man a lesson, he saw a guard beside the old man take out a token and wave it around in front of his eyes. Wang Junfei’s face instantly changed as he saw the three sparkling words on the token – ‘The Governor’s Estate’.

“Are… are you from the Governor’s Estate?”

He swallowed hard and his eyes filled with horror. He was doomed! He had offended the people of the Governor’s Estate! The old man said coldly, “Now can you tell me what happened here?”

“Here is the thing,” said Wang Junfei, trying to suppressing his fear, “these two are from the West Province Academy. They provoked our East Province, claiming the East Province was worse than the West Province. More importantly, they even dared to insult the Governor’s Estate of our East Province!”

The more Wang Junfei spoke, the more fluent he was. And he put all the blame on Yun Luofeng.

“By the way, the man named Hu Li is on the Heaven Roll of the West Province Academy. The ten people on the Heaven Roll are all b*stards! I heard that they wanted to destroy our East Province Academy and annihilate the Governor’s Estate together!”

“Oh?” Suddenly, a woman’s voice came from behind the crowd.

Wang Junfei looked up only to see a woman in red stride in. She raised her eyebrows and asked arrogantly, “Are you sure the disciples of the West Province Academy said that?”

Wang Junfei thought about the woman’s identity. Since she was with the people of the Governor’s Estate, she must be from there.

“Our Miss asked you a question! Answer her!” The old man shouted coldly when he saw that Wang Junfei didn’t answer her.


Wang Junfei was stunned. Was this beauty the heiress to the Governor’s Estate?

At the thought of this, Wang Junfei hurriedly answered, “Yes, it is absolutely true. Miss, you must destroy the presumptuous West Province Academy with your men!”

The West Province Academy should not have existed. After the Miss heard these people’s disparagement of the Governor’s Estate, she would probably kill the ten disciples of the Heaven Roll. Without those disciples, the West Province Academy could pose no threat!

This was why Wang Junfei framed the ten disciples of the Heaven Roll. He could only frame Hu Li, but in order to destroy the West Province Academy, he claimed that these words were from the ten disciples of the Heaven Roll!

Unfortunately, Wang Junfei didn’t know that he made a big mistake.

The woman in red smiled, and her voice was as evil as a devil’s, which made Wang Junfei’s heart tremble.

“Sorry, I’m also from the West Province Academy, and… I rank the first on the Heaven Roll!”

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