Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1321 - East Province (5)

Chapter 1321: East Province (5)

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Yun Luofeng glanced at him. “Everyone needs to work. If he wants to follow me, he has to be useful. Otherwise, I’ll sell him to a brothel right away.”

Hearing Yun Luofeng’s words, the little boy became anxious, his bright eyes were filled with panic and an aggrieved look appeared on his piteous face.

“I can wash and cook, and I can take care of pets. Please… don’t sell me to a brothel, Okay?”

He wanted to come forward to embrace Yun Luofeng legs, but he stopped when he thought of her cold attitude towards him last night. He looked at her with his piteous eyes, as if begging her not to sell him to a brothel.

Hu Li knew Yun Luofeng was joking. If she really didn’t want to take the boy in, she wouldn’t allow him to stay with them, let alone ask him to keep an eye on him.

Unfortunately, wherever Yun Luofeng went, there was always some busybody…

“I never met a person so cruel before! How can you have the heart to sell such a cute kid?” A young man’s voice came from the side and sounded so angry, “Little girl, by doing this, aren’t you afraid of divine punishment?”

Hu Li’s face turned black and he coldly stared at the young man slowly walking to them. His face turned blacker when he recognized the young man, “Wang Junfei, why are you here?”

“Phew, look who I met! The trash of the West Province Academy, hahaha!” Wang Junfei laughed, “I was wondering who would be so cruel? It turns out to be the b*stards of the West Province Academy. No wonder! Except for your West Province Academy, who would be so poor as to sell kids?”

Hearing their conversation, Yun Luofeng glanced at Hu Li, “Do you know him?”

Hu Li snorted, “He is from the East Province Academy. We fought once, but he lost to me, so he has a grudge and always wants to retaliate against me.”

Wang Junfei’s sneered, “I have a grudge against you? What makes you think you’re so important? The students of our East Province Academy are all talents from the major powers. Unlike your West Province Academy, where even a pariah like you could enter it.”

The East Province Academy as an upper-class college charged expensive admission fees that scared off many ordinary people. However, the West Province Academy was different. As long as your strength met the standard, you could study there!

“Don’t get in our way! Get out of my face!” Hu Li snapped, with a cold gleam in his slanted eyes, “If you refuse to leave, then… I’ll have to teach you a lesson again!”

Wang Junfei’s eyes darkened and he said with a sneer, “Hu Li, I can’t beat you. So what? Unlike you, I’m not alone and I brought a lot of guards with me this time. You think you can beat me? What a joke! Guards, come on! Get these people!”

Looking at the two middle-aged men who were approaching them, Hu Li scowled. He never took Wang Junfei seriously, but the strong masters of the Wang Family were a different story.

Suddenly, a hand fell on Wang Junfei’ shoulder. A girl stepped forward, with a bright smile on her beautiful face, “Are you going to beat up my friend?”

Wang Junfei narrowed his eyes, “Who are you? How dare you talk to me like this? I’ll settle the human trafficking matter with you later. Now I just want to beat this b*stard of the West Province Academy!”

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