Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1314 - Bai Su (9)

Chapter 1314: Bai Su (9)

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With Yun Luofeng by his side, he didn’t dare to show any signs of pain no matter how bad it hurt. The girl was so perceptive and even the slightest sign of it would have caught her attention.

“Master.” Suddenly, a blue-robed man landed from the sky and respectfully made an obeisance, “Lin Qiong has gone back to take his punishment. Master, do you have any other order?”

Yun Xiao straightened up, his hands still pressed tightly against his chest, and a cold gleam flashed in his eyes.

“The Central Province!”

The Central Province? The blue-robed man paused. Master was going to the Central Province? The place where a lot of strong masters gathered?

“The Heart of Bohdi can only be found in the Central Province.”

The Heart of Bohdi? The blue-robed man asked carefully, “Master, may I ask what is Heart of Bohdi?”

“The Heart of Bohdi will keep me alive for three days!”

The man’s voice was cold and deep, and the blue-robed man was stunned. Keep him alive for three days? What did that mean?

“Since he implanted that blood curse into my heart, I plan to cut my heart open and take out his essence blood!” His domineering voice reverberated in the woods for a long time…

The blue-robed man was dumbfounded.

Did Master mean that the Heart of Bohdi could keep him alive for three days no matter what kind of damage he took? Even if he cut open his heart, he wouldn’t die?

But that was his heart!

To keep his commitment to Mistress, Master was even willing to risk his life!

The blue-robed man felt sympathy for Lin Qiong.

Master loved Mistress so much, but Lin Qiong was so stupid as to suggest Master finding a woman to solve the blood curse! No wonder Master was pissed off by him and made him go back to take punishment!

If Qin Yuan was here, he wouldn’t say anything against Master’s will. On the contrary, Lin Qiong was so stupid!

Yun Xiao pressed his chest tightly and looked up at the blue sky above.

Feng’er, wait for me and I’ll come back to see you when I solve the blood curse!

When Hu Li entered the room, he found Yun Luofeng was sitting alone and gloomily staring out of the window. He coughed and said, “I’ve solved the Hu Family people, so we can start off now.”

Yun Luofeng withdrew her gaze and slightly nodded, “We’ll leave here tomorrow. You can say goodbye to your father and brother tonight.”

“Okay, by the way, Yun Luofeng, your husband…” Hu Li was going to ask about Yun Xiao’s whereabouts when he was interrupted by Yun Luofeng’s voice.

“He has something to deal with. We don’t have to wait for him.”

Yun Luofeng lowered her eyes. For some reason, she had an inkling that Yun Xiao seemed to be hiding something from her.

“Master.” Yun Luofeng was thinking about Yun Xiao when Xiao Mo’s voice came from her soul, “Yun Xiao does everything for you! So all you can do is to trust him.”

Yes! All she could do was to trust him!

“Xiao Mo, I don’t want to wait for him here. I’ll try to improve my strength and fight side by side with him!”

She would find him no matter how far apart they were!

Meanwhile, on a mountain, Jinyu carried Bai Su and stopped beside a big stone. She laid Bai Su flat on the stone, and her beautiful eyes were filled with concern and worry.

“Master, how are you?”

Bai Su didn’t even have the strength to open his eyes. Blood seeped out of the bloody hole on his back and dyed the stone red.


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