Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1309 - Bai Su (4)

Chapter 1309: Bai Su (4)

Yun Xiao withdrew his hand, his handsome face expressionless, his voice deep and hoarse and his eyes cold. “If I let you run away, you will hurt Feng’er. And anyone who’ll hurt Feng’er is my enemy!”

Rude? So what? In his entire life, Yun Luofeng was the only person he cared about!

Suddenly, a powerful aura surged out of Yun Xiao’s body and pounced on the gorgeous woman lying on the ground. Pinned down by this powerful aura, Jinyu couldn’t move at all. Her beautiful eyes filled with panic and her face turned pale.


Just at that time, a white figure rushed over and blocked this attack on Jinyu with all his strength. Struck by the attack, Bai Su retreated two steps. Blood oozed from his mouth and he looked up at Yun Xiao.

His loose silver robe fluttered in front of Jinyu’s eyes, making her heart violently throb. She was only a maid of Master. It was her honor to sacrifice her life for Master, but… Master protected her with his own body!

“Master, don’t mind me. You can’t resist Ghost Emperor with your current strength. Just go!”

“Shut up!” Bai Su wiped the blood from his mouth, lowered his eyes and snapped in a low voice. Then he looked up at Ghost Emperor again and sneered, “Ghost Emperor, I will never let you stay together with Yun Luofeng even at the expense of a thousand years of life!”

Yun Xiao looked into Bai Su’s eyes and expressionlessly walked towards Bai Su, and the aura around his body turned murderous.

Bai Su bit his finger hard, and bright, red blood oozed from his finger. He smiled. The smile was so evil, presumptuous, and arrogant.

“Yun Xiao, you’ve been hunting me for so many years, and you should have found out who I am!” He stared at Yun Xiao who was approaching him, and continued, “As a matter of fact, I’m not the Young Master of the Bai Family, but… the person who founded it.”

As was known to everyone on the Longxiao Continent, the young master of the Bai Family had great authority over the Bai Family! Even the master of the Bai Family was very obedient to him. However, everyone thought it was because he was very gifted that everyone in the Bai Family obeyed him. What they didn’t know was that the young master of the Bai Family was actually the person who had founded the family.

Yun Xiao stopped. Though he had already found that out some time ago, he still felt surprised to hear it from Bai Su.

“I have lived so long that I myself don’t know how many years I have lived! I was not from the Longxiao Continent but strayed into there because of an accident. And after that accident, my strength was reduced a lot. In order to live safely on the Longxiao Continent, I founded the Bai Family!”

This was why all previous young masters of the Bai Family were mysterious and named Bai Su.

“This time, I will make you stay away from Yun Luofeng forever at the price of a thousand years of life!”

Bai Su’s life was so long that he didn’t know how many years more he would live. But that didn’t mean he would never die! The loss of a thousand years of life would also be unbearable to him.

On hearing this, Jinyu’s heart quivered and she said anxiously, “Master, you must not use this method, otherwise…”

As if not hearing Jinyu’s words, Bai Su silently mouthed an incantation. Then a drop of essence blood flew out of his fingertip and shot towards Yun Xiao.


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