Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1307 - Bai Su (2)

Chapter 1307: Bai Su (2)

Bai Su became a boy of five or six years old. Fair-skinned, this boy looked quite adorable, but his big, bright eyes glistened with a wicked gleam and the faint smile on his chubby face contained awe-inspiring killing intent.

“I was wounded by Yun Xiao and lost all my strength, so I had to change into a child to recover as soon as possible. Even now… I can still keep my strength for half an hour at most.

After half an hour, he would become a boy again.

“Master, your wound will recover soon.” The gorgeous woman walked up to Bai Su, her eyes shining with adoration for him.

She was willing to sacrifice her life for this man.

She was willing to give up everything for him.

“Let’s go.”

Getting what he wanted, Bai Su walked slowly out of the hall and disappeared without looking back…

The silence of the Luohua City was broken by the clamor of the Hu Family people. Hu Youwu led all strong masters of the Hu Family and stormed towards the slum, which attracted the attention of a lot of pedestrians. As soon as he reached the Hu Wenwu’s home, he kicked the door open with a bang.

“Hu Wenwu, get the f*ck out!” Hu Youwu thundered with a ferocious look. He was followed by a group of old men who were obviously the elders of the Hu Family.

Seeing Hu Wenwu who walked out of the door with a crutch, Hu Youwu sneered, “Hu Wenwu, you defected from the Hu Family, so you were not allowed to continue practicing medicine. But you broke the rule! Now, in the presence of the elders of our family, I’ll uphold justice!”

Hearing his words, Hu Li became furious, with a raging flame in his slanted eyes, “Hu Youwu, when did my father defect from the Hu Family? He was driven out by the narrow-minded you. Besides, the Hu Family never forbid my father from saving people!”

“I am the master of the Hu Family. Since I said there is such a rule, there is! Your father was not allowed to continue practicing medicine once he left the Family. Now that he has broken the rule, of course I have the right to execute him!”

Hu Li clenched his fists, the blue veins in his forehead were strongly pulsing, his eyes were filled with killing intent, and the aura around his body became increasingly aggressive.

“Hu Youwu, what gives you the right to execute my father?” Hu Lin also stood out and asked furiously.

Hu Youwu said coldly, “Not only your father but also you and your brother must die today. Come on, take them!”

Hu Lin’s face greatly changed and he hurriedly cried out, “My brother is on the Heaven Roll of the West Province Academy!”

The elders of the Hu Family weren’t weak. Even though his brother was very talented, how could he resist so many old guys at the same time? Therefore, he tried to scare them away with the name of the West Province Academy.

“The Heaven Roll?” an elder of the Hu Family sneered with disdain. “If what you said is true, isn’t it too easy to be listed onto the Heaven Roll? And, if he’s really capable of this, your father would have told everybody about this. How could he endure the bullying in silence? Hu Lin, do you think we are idiots? No one would believe your nonsense!”

Hu Lin’s face turned red with anger and he glared at the men surrounding them.

“Hu Li.”

Suddenly, a wicked voice came from behind.

Hu Li turned his head only to see a girl, crossing her arms against her chest, who lazily leaned against the door frame and smiled at Hu Li.

“If you need any help, just tell me.”


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