Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1306 - Bai Su (1)

Chapter 1306: Bai Su (1)

The Hu Residence.

Hu Youwu looked rather discomfited. He rushed into the hall, took the teacup handed to him by a maid, took a swig of the tea and slammed the teacup to the floor! A ferocious light flickered across his eyes, and he grimly said, “How dare that woman ruin my plan?! I will never let her go!”

At that moment, a wicked voice suddenly came from the beam, making his face change. “I told you last night that you would fail!”

There was indomitable pride in the man’s voice, and a faint smile appeared on his wicked, handsome face. Then he jumped down from the beam and landed in front of Hu Youwu.

“If you follow my orders, I can help you!”

Hu Youwu’s eyes darkened. He looked at the man standing in front of him and asked, clenching his teeth, “How can you help me and why do you want to help me?”

He never believed that such a strong man would help him for no reason! The man was not only powerful but also mesmerizingly attractive. No woman in the world would be able to resist his charm! However, this man’s aura was so terrifying that no one dared to approach him.

“My purpose is simple,” said the man, slightly squinting his eyes while a sinister smile appeared on his face. “I want Yun Luofeng!”

Over the years, the Ghost Emperor had never given up hunting him. He swore he would take Yun Luofeng away from him and make him experience that painful feeling!

“Besides…” The man’s eyes glistened with a cold gleam, “I heard that the Hu Family has a treasure that can conceal one’s smell. I hope you can give it to me after I help you!”

Hu Youwu paused, “The treasure is not a problem, but… why didn’t you show up since you want to take her away?”

The man turned his eyes to Hu Youwu. His stare almost suffocated Hu Youwu, and he felt as if his heart was grabbed by a hand. It was so painful that he almost couldn’t breathe.

“You just need to do what I tell you! Otherwise, your life will be lost here now!”

Hu Youwu clenched his teeth, “I will mobilize all the power of the Hu Family to fight against those people!” After saying this, Hu Youwu hurried out of the hall, not daring even to look back at the wicked man.

“Master.” A gorgeous woman suddenly appeared at Bai Su’s side. She lowered her eyes and said, “The Hu Family can’t resist Yun Xiao.”

“I know,” Bai Su said and smiled darkly. “I don’t expect these people to resist Yun Xiao. I just want to give them some trouble! Besides, I came to the Hu Family just for that treasure. Their lives have nothing to do with me.”

More importantly, by the time he stepped into the Hu Family, he had sensed Yun Xiao’s presence! If he left the Luohua City now, Yun Xiao would immediately find him. So he asked Hu Youwu to make trouble for them, and perhaps he could have a chance to escape.

“Have you found that thing?” Bai Su asked with a frown.

The gorgeous woman nodded, “Master, this jade pendant is what you need.”

Raising his eyebrows, Bai Su turned to glance at the jade pendant in her hands and took it from her. In the same instant, with a bang, his body shrank, and a loose silver robe covered his small body, which looked a little funny.

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