Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1305 - Collect the Debt (5)

Chapter 1305: Collect the Debt (5)

You old b*stard!

Hu Youwu rushed up to Ouyang Qianran, kicked his body to the ground and pulled out the throwing knife that he had stabbed into his neck.

“How dare you frame my brother? That’s unforgivable! I will kill you today to avenge my brother.”

“Stop it!”

Hu Li’s face greatly changed. Ouyang Qianran, the only person who could testify against Hu Youwu, was killed in front of his eyes.

“Hu Youwu, stop it!” Hu Li rushed to Hu Youwu and reached out his hand. When Hu Youwu was about to make the next move, he quickly grabbed Ouyang Qianran.

Unfortunately, Ouyang Qianran was already dead.

“Hu Youwu, what are you doing?” Hu Li coldly stared at Hu Youwu and anger welled up in his mind.

Hu Youwu laughed, “I’m avenging you, of course! This *sshole dared to frame you, which is a provocation to our Hu Family! How can I allow this b*stard to behave like this?”

Hu Li sneered, “I think you just wanted to silence him!”

A cold gleam flashed through Hu Youwu’s eyes and he simpered, “What are you talking about! I’m your second uncle. I’m avenging you. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have lent money to your father when Ouyang Qianran asked him for compensation! I’m always a kindhearted person. Don’t take me wrong!”

Hu Li clenched his fists and his knuckles snapped. His face was black and the murderous aura around his body grew intense.

Yun Luofeng remained silent. After all, she had done enough for Hu Li, and now he had to deal with it himself.

“Hu Youwu, I will get the evidence!” Hu Li snorted, “Get out of here!”

“Don’t wrong a kindhearted person!” Hu Youwu gave a sneer and waved his hand, “let’s go!”

Followed by a group of people, he swaggered away, leaving Hu Li standing there, trembling with anger.

In fact, Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao were both capable of stopping Hu Youwu from assassinating Ouyang Qianran, but they didn’t stop him. Even if they did, what would it matter? As long as Hu Youwu didn’t admit it, there was no evidence to prove that Ouyang Qianran was instigated by him. So Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao didn’t move…

Of course, there was a more important reason. There seemed to be a familiar smell on Hu Youwu…

“Yun Xiao, did you detect it?” Yun Luofeng asked, and her eyes slightly darkened.

Yun Xiao’s face was cold and his deep voice slowly rang, “Bai Su!”

Yes! There was the smell of Bai Su on him, which meant that Bai Su had stayed with him!

“Xiao Mo didn’t find Bai Su when he went to the Hu Estate Yesterday, and we discovered the smell on Hu Youwu today, which means that they met last night!”

As one’s strength grew, he would become more sensitive to odor. A strong master would recognize a person by his smell, not his look. This was why disguise techniques couldn’t deceive strong masters!

“It seems we need to stay here for a little longer,” Yun Xiao said, holding Yun Luofeng in his arms, his lowered eyes filled with tenderness.

Yun Luofeng raised her eyebrows and smiled, “Do you want to wait for Bai Su to show up?”

“Yes, he’s too dangerous. If I don’t solve him, I’ll always worry about your safety!”


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