Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1303 - Collect the Debt (3)

Chapter 1303: Collect the Debt (3)

Under the public’s stare, Ouyang Qianran’s body fell heavily to the ground after flying a dozen meters away. The crowd was stunned…

Looking at the cool, handsome man, they couldn’t help but swallow hard.

Though the Ouyang Family was not as powerful as the Hu Family, Ouyang Qianran’s strength was not bad. How could the man kick him so far away without exerting any strength? Especially since Ouyang Qianran was badly injured by his kick. He kept vomiting blood and almost coughed his viscera out.

“They’re almost here,” Yun Luofeng said with a faint smile, her wicked eyes shining with a grim light. “Ouyang Qianran, do you want to see your little son?”

Ouyang Qianran shuddered and turned pale.

“What do you mean? I don’t understand!”

“It doesn’t matter. You’ll find out soon.”

When Ouyang Qianran was wondering what was going on here, a young man’s voice came from behind him, “Master, I have brought you the boy you asked me to find.”

Hearing the clear voice, everyone looked towards the source of the voice. It was a slim young man. His thin body was covered in a white robe, his handsome, fair-skinned face looked quite young, and his smile was as bright as sunshine. However…

What attracted everyone’s attention was the little chubby boy held in his hand. The chubby boy, with drool on his mouth, looked oafish. Seeing Ouyang Qianran lying on the ground, he burst out crying.


Ouyang Qianran’s face turned ghastly pale. His eyes were mixed with fear and shock, and his body couldn’t help but tremble. The chubby boy’s cry was like a stone falling into quiet water, causing a great disturbance.

“Is… Isn’t this Ouyang Qianran’s dead son? How is he still alive?”

“Well, I think he looks a bit stupid, not as clever as he used to be!”

“Ouyang Qianran asked Hu Wenwu for compensation and broke his leg because his son died of Hu Wenwu’s treatment! But… this boy… Who can tell me what happened?!”

Ouyang Qianran’s eyes were filled with despair instead of fear. He wondered why his son showed up here though he had hidden him so well.

Hu Youwu looked nervous too. He gave Ouyang Qianran a black look with an angry gleam in his eyes. He had told him to get rid of the boy in case of any trouble afterward, but Ouyang Qianran couldn’t bear to do it. If he was more decisive, how could this happen?

So was this the ‘good show’ the woman in white had mentioned?

“I’m sure all of you have seen it,” Hu Li, who reacted first, said with a sneer. “Ouyang Qianran’s son is not dead. He framed my father! He is even worse than a beast by using such a dirty trick!”

Hearing his words, the crowd began to loudly discuss this with each other. The shock in their eyes was replaced by taunts and Ouyang Qianran was almost drowned in their curses and reproaches.

“Ouyang Qianran is really insidious. His son is still alive, and he claimed that his son was dead! He was just blackmailing Physician Hu.”

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