Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1299 - Rage of Hu Li (9)

Chapter 1299: Rage of Hu Li (9)

As he said before, if Hu Li really became successful, how could he stay away from home for three years? It must be because he was too ashamed of his failure to come back home. And Hu Lin claimed that his brother had been listed on the Heaven Roll of the West Province Academy…

That was a big joke!

How could Hu Li achieve that?

Hu Lin must have made it up so that his brother wouldn’t be too embarrassed.

“Ouyang Qianran, keep your son hidden. If I find out that my plan is ruined because of your son, I will kill your whole family!” Hu Youwu made a slicing gesture by his neck with his hand, his eyes shining with a ferocious light.

When Ouyang Qianran saw Hu Youwu’s action, his heart quivered and he subconsciously wiped the sweat off his forehead. “Master Hu, don’t worry. No one knows where I hide my son. He won’t affect your plan.”

“I hope so,” Hu Youwu sneered. Saying nothing more, he asked servants to see Ouyang Qianran away.

In the slum.

In a shabby house, Hu Lin, who was waiting anxiously, saw his brother return and hurried to meet him.

“Brother, do you have the medicine? Was there anyone messing with you?”

Hu Li shook his head, handed the medicine to Yun Luofeng, and turned his eyes to his father.

“Father, tell me the details of the accident. Was the patient Ouyang Qianran’s son?”

The old man shuddered and nodded helplessly under Hu Li’s questioning gaze.

“Yes, it was his son! His son just had a fever, so I gave him a normal fever reducer. But no one expected that he would suddenly die.”

Upon hearing this, Hu Lin became angry. “I think Hu Youwu was behind this accident! He was the one who framed you. As soon as Ouyang Qianran’s son died, he came to visit you, telling you he could lend you money, and at that time, you would have no choice but to borrow his money!”

Not answering Hu Lin, Hu Li stared at the old man, “Why did you agree to treat Ouyang Qianran’s son?”

The old man smiled wryly, “I’m a physician. Treating patients is my responsibility. As a physician, how can I refuse patient? But I never dreamed that such a thing could happen to me!”

“Father, don’t you think the two persons colluded on this matter?”

The more Hu Li thought about it, the more he was sure that these two were both behind the plot.

“It isn’t possible! How could Ouyang Qianran seek revenge against us with his son’s life?” the old man shook his head. “And his son is dead. It couldn’t have been done by him. It must be Hu Youwu.”

Hu Li smiled coldly. He was sure that Ouyang Qianran was involved in this plot.

Just then, a gold-seeking hamster darted through the door, and in front of everyone’s eyes it suddenly changed into a white-clad young man. The people in the room were all stunned and stared at the young man appearing from nowhere.

Not looking at the others, Milk Tea directly reported to Yun Luofeng, “Master, as you ordered, I followed Hu Youwu. And guess what I heard?” Milk Tea looked excited. “It turns out that the patient who is supposed to be dead isn’t dead but is instead hidden somewhere by his father.”


The old man and Hu Lin cried out at the same time. Having no time to ask about Milk Tea’s identity, they both stood there dumbfounded.

“That’s impossible!” The old man shook his head, “I was sure the boy was not breathing. How could he still be alive?”

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