Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1298 - Rage of Hu Li (8)

Chapter 1298: Rage of Hu Li (8)

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“Why do you come to my home dressed like this?” Hu asked with displeasure, frowning.

Ouyang Qianran smiled and walked up to Hu Youwu, “Master Hu, I’m dressed like this because I came to make trouble for Hu Li just now! By the way, Master Hu, when are we going to solve Hu Li and his father?”

“Ouyang Qianran, do you really hate Hu Li and his father so much?” Hu Youwu asked with a smile, his eyes glistening.

A ferocious light flashed through Ouyang Qianran’s eyes when he heard this. “Yes! How can I not hate them? If it weren’t for Hu Li, my daughter wouldn’t have died! I’ll never forget that!”

The smile on Hu Youwu’s face spread. “It wasn’t Hu Li who killed your daughter. You seem to forget that.”

Hearing this, Ouyang Qianran became furious.

“It was him! He murdered my daughter! If he was willing to marry my daughter, she wouldn’t have married that b*stard, so he is the reason for my daughter’s death and I will never forgive him!”

At this moment, Ouyang Qianran seemed to forget that it was his daughter who first had illicit sex with another man and even had that man’s child, but attempted to cheat Hu Li into marriage.

If she hadn’t been too loose, she wouldn’t have ended up like that!

Hu Li would never admit another man’s child as his own.

Ouyang Qianran, however, had never thought about his daughter’s mistakes and blamed his daughter’s death on Hu Li. If Hu Li hadn’t refused to marry her, his daughter wouldn’t have died so miserably!

“By the way, how about your son?” Hu Youwu asked, with an unfathomable gleam in his eyes, “In my opinion, it would be better for you to just kill him to make sure no one finds out about the truth.”

Ouyang Qianran’s face stiffened for a moment and he grinned awkwardly, “Master Hu, although I have other sons beside him, he is still my flesh and blood. How can I have the heart to kill him? Besides, I’ve already sent him away. No one will find out about anything. Don’t worry.”

“How can you achieve great things with a woman’s pity? Hu Youwu sneered and looked scornfully at Ouyang Qianran.

“Master Hu, I came here to ask you to do me a favor.” Ouyang Qianran’s eyes glistened. “Though I have taken all the money of Hu Wenwu, it isn’t enough. I want you to give Hu Li to me, and I will bury him alive with my daughter. He didn’t want to marry my daughter? Fine, then I’ll send him to accompany her into the afterlife!”

When Hu Youwu was going to answer him, a noise came from outside the courtyard. He scowled and thundered, “Who is it!”


Then he heard a rat’s squeak, and a white figure flashed away and disappeared from his sight. He was relieved to see the gold-seeking hamster that had run away.

“It was a gold-seeking hamster. That kind of spiritual beast is weak and I don’t think it can pose any threat to us. Don’t worry about it.”

Only god-level spiritual beasts could speak like human beings. A lowly beast like a gold-seeking hamster would never be able to reach the god level in its life. Why should he care about it?

“Master Hu, what I just proposed…” Ouyang Qianran hesitated for a while and asked.

“I agree to your proposal.” Hu Youwu stood up and said casually, “I just want to ruin Hu Wenwu and his sons. As for Hu Li, his end will be up to you!”

He didn’t take Hu Li seriously and spoke as though he could decide Hu Li’s fate.

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