Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1296 - Rage of Hu Li (6)

Chapter 1296: Rage of Hu Li (6)

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“Haha,” the young man laughed lasciviously and whispered to the woman, “It’ll hurt more tonight!”

The woman pretended to be shy and lowered her head, however, the moment she did it, a touch of disdain flashed through her eyes.

He wants to make me hurt? With what? I guess a toothpick would do a better job than him…

She fawned on him just because he was quite generous and the Hu Family was a powerful family in the Luohua City.

Watching Hu Rui’s nasty behavior, Hu Li frowned, his slanted eyes filled with disgust and then he shouted, “Get out!”

As he said this, a powerful aura thundered out from his body. Before Hu Rui figured out what was going on, his body had been slammed down and fell heavily into the crowd.

Hu Li flicked his sleeve and strode into the drugstore. He put the prescription on the table and said, “Give me the medicinal herbs on this prescription.”

The shopkeeper looked up at him without concern. “Sorry, we don’t have the goods you need.”

Hu Li was away from home for three years. It was said that he was down and out and lived a dog’s life. Look at him! He probably couldn’t afford these medicinal herbs.

Besides, even if he could afford it, he wouldn’t sell it to him because he didn’t want to offend the Hu Family!

“Are you sure?” Hu Li squinted and asked, in a threatening tone.

“Get out,” the shopkeeper said impatiently, “get out now! I told you we didn’t have these medicinal herbs!”

As soon as he said this, he felt a chill on his neck and he shivered. He lowered his eyes only to see a sword against his neck, and he immediately turned pale and his voice trembled, “Young Master Hu…Hu Li, I was just joking.”

Hu Li sneered, “Take out the medicine, or I will kill you now!”

All laid a load on a willing horse, but everyone was afraid of a villain!

At this moment, this saying strongly resonated with Hu Li. When he was in the Luohua City three years ago, though his father was driven out of the Hu Family, he was a well-renowned physician, so no one in the city dared to mess with him! Now seeing that his family declined, these people changed their faces!

Then why should he be polite to them?

The shopkeeper hurriedly took out the medicinal herbs that Hu Li wanted from the cabinet, wrapped them separately with yellow straw paper, and carefully handed them to Hu Li.

His hands were trembling. “These are… are the medicinal herbs you want.”

Hu Li raised his eyebrows, “How much is it?”

“No, they’re free.”

How would he dare to ask Hu Li for money? He just wanted to save his own life.

Hu Li cast a cold glance at the shopkeeper and left behind a piece of silver, “I’m not the kind of person who takes things away without paying money. Here is the silver. Take it! I’ll never come to your shop again!” Saying this, Hu Li turned away.

Just then, the crowd was in an uproar. As soon as Hu Li stepped out of the drugstore, a group of people rushed towards him. They were all in mourning apparel, and their grieving expressions turned to anger when they saw Hu Li standing in front of the drugstore.

“The Hu Family’s b*stard, pay us with your life! Your father murdered my son and I want your life for my son’s life!”

A middle-aged man angrily pounced at Hu Li, hiding spiritual power in his hand, and he was going to hit Hu Li on the head. However, before he could reach Hu Li, he was pushed away by the aura released by him.


The middle-aged man fell to the ground and cried, “This b*stard’s father killed my son. I asked him to take responsibility for this only to be beaten by him! Is there still any justice in this world?”

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