Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1295 - Rage of Hu Li (5)

Chapter 1295: Rage of Hu Li (5)

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“What do I mean?” A cold and wicked smile appeared on Yun Luofeng’s lips. “I think you know what I mean. At this point, instead of thinking about how to help your father, you are busy blaming yourself? Your father is already in pain. Do you want to make him feel more pain?”

Hu Li’s hands gradually fell down and his handsome face turned paler and more ashamed.

“Hu Li, I asked you to follow me, not because you were a coward!” Yun Luofeng’s black eyes were shining with a wild and domineering light, “What I need is a person who has courage! Now you should think about how to avenge your father, not how to punish yourself!”

Hu Li said with a bitter smile, “You are right. Now it’s not the right time to do this. I will repay those who hurt my father before I apologize to my father!”

Yun Luofeng’s words might sound heartless, but they were right. They hit Hu Li’s heart like a hammer and made him calm down.

Seeing that Hu Li had calmed down, Yun Luofeng turned her gaze to the old man’s crippled right leg, “Your leg can still be cured…”

The old man froze and after quite a while, he shook his head, “I’m a physician myself. I know how badly it was hurt. It’s already beyond hope!”

“If I say it can be cured, it can.”

Yun Luofeng raised her eyebrows, “Hu Li, go buy me some medicinal herbs.”


Hu Li unconditionally believed Yun Luofeng. Since she said his father’s leg could be cured, she would cure it. Yun Luofeng wrote down the medicinal herbs she needed on a paper and handed it to Hu Li. Taking the prescription, Hu Li hurried to the drugstore of the Luohua City.

There were a lot of people in the drugstore.

Hu Li had hardly arrived there when he met someone he didn’t want to see.

Seeing him, the man was also stunned and then he sneered, “Hu Li, my father said you came back and I didn’t believe him. So you really come back. Were you expelled from the West Province Academy? You have to come back to the Luohua City because of that, right?”

Hu Li scowled, “Get out of my face!”

“Oh, I didn’t see you for a long time and you become so grumpy! I remember you didn’t dare to talk to me like this before.”

Putting his arms around the waist of a woman with heavy make-up, the young man swaggered toward him, his belly sticking out. His face was pale and his footsteps faltered, which showed that he had indulged in too much sexual pleasure.

“Even if I was expelled by the West Province Academy, I can still kill you with one hand!” Hu Li snorted, “I didn’t do anything to you three years ago because my father didn’t let me. But you know, I don’t obey his orders now. Do you think I’ll still let you go?”

This young man was the eldest son of Hu Youwu, the elder brother of Hu Tao! This guy had been against him, but his father didn’t allow him to cause trouble outside. Therefore, no matter how hard he provoked him, he just ignored him. Now, how could he still endure this guy since his family had almost ruined his father?

“Hu Li, your father killed a patient and became notorious. How dare you go out? Don’t you fear the family of the dead person seeking revenge against you?”

When talking to Hu Li, the young man couldn’t help but stretch out his hand and pinch the bottom of the woman beside him.

The woman exclaimed and grumbled shyly, “Young master, it hurts.”

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