Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1293 - Rage of Hu Li (3)

Chapter 1293: Rage of Hu Li (3)

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Hu Lin shuddered and raised his head only to see Hu Li slowly walking towards him. Feeling relieved, he hurriedly said, “Second Brother, you’ve come back?… Uh? Yun Luofeng, why are you here?”

That day, claiming he had something urgent to attend to, Hu Lin had hurried back to Luohua City after fighting Yun Luofeng without even staying to watch the fight between Hu Li and Yun Luofeng. It was probably because of the circumstances of the Hu Family that he left in such a hurry. He didn’t understand why Yun Luofeng was standing with Hu Li.

“I’ll tell you about it later.” Hu Li gave an enchanting smile, though his slanted eyes were filled with hatred and killing intent, “Get out, or I’ll throw you out!”

Hu Youwu scowled and sneered, “I came here to collect a debt, not to give you a hard time. I’m always a kind-hearted person, so I will give you one more day because your son came back today. But if you don’t pay me back tomorrow, don’t blame me for being cruel to you. Let’s go!”

He flicked his sleeves hard and swaggered away, followed by a group of people.

“Father… ”

Gazing at the old man in front of him, Hu Li couldn’t believe his eyes and almost burst into tears. Just three years later, his father, who was in his prime of life when he left, had become so old and frail. But he was only in his forties! He could only imagine how difficult his life was these days…

“You bad boy, why did you come back?!” the old man scowled, hit the ground hard with his crutch, and harshly scolded.

“Father, how did you become like this?” Hu Li reached out his trembling hand to touch his father’s gray hair, but finally his hand dropped powerlessly. “Brother, why didn’t you tell me about these things?”

Enjoying a comfortable life in the Academy, he had no idea of the hardship that his family was going through.

Hu Lin glanced at his father and said, “Father didn’t want me to tell you. He thought it wasn’t easy for you to have your present life and didn’t want to bother you with these things, so I… I didn’t tell you about it.”

“Shut up!” The old man hit the ground with his crutch again, turned around and stumbled away, “No more talk of these things. Come in with your friends.”

The moment he turned around, he stealthily raised his hand and wiped a drop of tear from the corner of his eye…

“Second Brother, why is Yun Luofeng here?” Hu Lin frowned. Apparently, he was still angry at Yun Luofeng who beat him before.

Hu Li was a bit embarrassed, “I lost to her, so I’ll serve her for ten years as I promised. I left the Academy with her and dropped by to see Father.”

Hu Lin was surprised, but he knew that it wasn’t the right time to talk about this, so he looked away from Yun Luofeng and turned to Hu Li.

“In fact, as soon as you left home, Father regretted that he tried to force you to do something you didn’t like, but you know, he is too stubborn and will never admit he is wrong. In the last three years, because of Hu Youwu, it was getting more and more difficult for Father year by year, but he never allowed me to tell you about it for fear that it might distract you. He… didn’t want to be a stumbling block to you.”

Looking at his bent Father, Hu Li was overwhelmed with guilt and grief. Suddenly, he fell on his knees with a bang and shouted loudly, “Dad, I was wrong!”

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