Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1291 - Rage of Hu Li (1)

Chapter 1291: Rage of Hu Li (1)

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Thinking of the events of that year, Hu Li felt a bit remorseful.

He had been missing his home during the last three years! However, he always enjoyed his freedom and didn’t want to be bound by his father. Besides, he felt guilty about not doing what his father wanted, so he didn’t go back home these years. Now at the gate of his home, he didn’t know how he should go in…

Yun Luofeng patted Hu on the shoulder, “Since you’ve come back, why not go in and have a look.”


Hu Li gradually calmed down. He took a deep breath and stepped into the city gate. When the people in the street saw him, their eyes were mixed with shock and sympathy, and he began to think that something might be wrong. Hu Li’s heart sank and he quickened his pace towards his home.

After three years, his home had changed a lot.

The gate was not as bustling as before, and the two stone lions on either side of the gate were moved away. The steps were covered with red cloth, looking festive yet strange to him…

Then, Hu Li raised his head only to find that the ‘Hu’ inscribed on the board hung over the gate had been inlaid with gold.

Everything was different from when he left.

Hu Li took a deep breath to suppress the nervousness in his heart and came up to knock the door. After a while, the door was opened and a furtive little boy stuck out his head.

“You… Hu Tao, why are you at my home?”

With his beautiful slanted eyes wide open, Hu Li stared at the little boy who appeared at the door.

Hu Tao was the son of his Second Uncle. But Second Uncle and his father never got along. Why was his son in the Hu Family house?


Hu Tao was also stunned when he saw Hu Li. With a bang, he slammed the door hard and shut him out.

At this moment, Hu Li thought of the strange eyes of the people he met on the street, and his handsome face immediately darkened, “Hu Tao, open the door for me!”

“This is my home. I won’t open it! Hu Tao’s proud voice came from the other side of the door.


Hu Li lifted his leg and kicked the door open. With a single kick, he kicked the door off its hinges.

Perhaps frightened by his actions, Hu Tao turned pale and watched Hu Li walking in the door in horror.

Hu Li, whose handsome face turned green with anger, strode in, seized the collar of Hu Tao and asked coldly, “Where is my father? And where is my brother? Why did the Hu Family’s house become yours?”

Hu Lin had already returned to the Hu Family some time ago, so Hu Li asked him where his brother was.

“Let me go!” Hu Tao was struggling hard in Hu Li’s hand, “Some time ago, your dad killed a patient when treating him. He had to compensate by giving a large sum of money to the patient’s family, so he borrowed a lot of money from my dad. He gave this house to my dad to repay some of his debt!”

Though Hu Tao was young, his words were rather offensive.

“Hu Li, you ran away from home and didn’t return for three years! How can you have the cheek to interrogate me? You trash, b*stard!”


Hu Li raised his hand and slammed Hu Tao hard on the ground. He clenched his fists, his knuckles snapped and the blue veins in his forehead were strongly pulsing.

“Tell me, where is my father now!”

Slammed hard, Hu Tao cried in pain, “He is in the slum of the Western District. Boohoo, how dare you bully me? I’m gonna tell my dad and he’ll kill your entire family!”

“One more word from you, and I’ll strangle you!”

Hearing his threat, Hu Tao immediately shut up. With red eyes, he dared not say anything more, not to mention cry loudly.

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