Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1290 - West Province's Shock (10)

Chapter 1290:

West Province’s Shock (10)

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At the door of the courtyard.

Hardly had the guards escorted Yun Luofeng and her friends out when they felt a wind blow behind them. A gust of wind then roared past, accompanied by a fiery-red figure, and they were almost slammed to the ground.

The person rushed to the door and stared in the direction that Yun Luofeng had left with a frown, thought for a while, and then turned to the two guards who were standing there stunned.

The woman in a blood-red robe raised her chin and condescendingly asked them, “Did you see Yun Luofeng?”

The two guards swallowed hard and their legs trembled when they recognized this woman.

“She… she has left.”


As soon as they said this, the fiery-red figure disappeared, and there was only the sound of a gentle breeze in the doorway of the courtyard.

The sound proved that what they had just seen was not a dream…

“Why… why is she looking for Yun Luofeng?” One of the guards felt his heart throbbing violently, “Is that maniac going to challenge her?”

“I have a feeling that anyone who attracts her attention is going to be miserable…”

The other guard nodded with sympathy.

Whoever attracted her interest would be pursued by her all the way. She was like a leech that stuck to you until… you were willing to fight her. Of course, you couldn’t beat her, or else she would keep chasing after you and challenging you until she finally beat you!

The staggering speed with which this mad woman improved her strength was inseparable with her tenacious and unscrupulous character…

As soon as she entered the academy, she challenged the disciples of the Earth Roll and managed to be listed on the Heaven Roll step by step.

She was once defeated and seriously injured by the number one on the Heaven Roll of the time, and spent half a year to recuperate. However, as soon as she recovered, she went on to challenge him.

After many defeats, she became more and more courageous. Finally, her strength surpassed the number one on the Heaven Roll of the time and she replaced him. After that time, all the students of the Academy were terrified of her. She was completely isolated in the academy and had no friends!

In addition, she was very proud and never took the people who were weaker than her seriously…

However, since she won the first place of the Heaven Roll, she had never challenged anyone. The most important reason was that no one was strong enough to arouse her attention.

Now her enthusiasm for a challenge was brought back by Yun Luofeng!

She would never stop until Yun Luofeng agreed to fight her!

Who could afford to provoke such a maniac?

“Shall we tell the elders about this?”

The two guards looked at each other and eventually decided to report to the elders about this matter in case Yun Luofeng was pestered by this maniac.

Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao also stopped when Hu Li stopped at the gate of the Luohua City.

She looked at Hu Li who looked somewhat embarrassed, and frowned, “Aren’t you going in?”

Evidence of a struggle appeared on Hu Li’s face.

“My family is a family of physicians, but I’m not interested in medicine. Three years ago, my father forced me to study medicine, but I refused. When he was going to push me harder, I was irritated and left the family, and I haven’t been home in the last three years! When my brother learned that I was in the West Province Academy, he also came to the academy. But he didn’t tell me anything about my family during the past three years because he didn’t want to make me unhappy, so… I don’t know whether my father has forgiven me or not.”


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