Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1285 - West Province’s Shock (5)

Chapter 1285: West Province's Shock (5)

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“Yun Xiao, between you and Jiutian, who is stronger?” Yun Luofeng was silent for a moment before asking.

“Yesterday…” Yun Xiao paused and replied, “Yesterday, both of us did not use our real abilities but had a fight with our bodies. Therefore, I am unclear of his strength!”

Fighting with their bodies? Yun Luofeng’s lips twitched. No matter how strong Ji Jiutian was, him choosing to have a physical fight with Yun Xiao, wasn’t it simply admitting defeat?

Yun Xiao had stayed in the Forest of No Return for seven years and it had allowed him to have toughened his physical strength. If Ji Jiutian didn’t use his spiritual energy, he wasn’t Yun Xiao’s match!

As for last night, when Yun Xiao claimed that they had a draw, it was because he couldn’t grasp Ji Jiutian’s strength so he said that they ended with a draw…

“Yun Xiao, do you know of Ji Jiutian’s identity? Not only is he the Ji Family’s ancestor, he is also the dean of the West Province Academy, which means he’s definitely not just around twenty years old!”

Yun Xiao’s fingers lightly stroked Yun Luofeng’s beautiful hair. “He and Bai Su… are the same type of person! However, he is also different from Bai Su because he would not harm you.”

It was reasonable to say that witnessing how special Ji Jiutian treated Yun Luofeng, he should be treating Ji Jiutian as a love rival. However, he did not do that and instead, spoke up for him before Yun Luofeng.

Yun Luofeng tightly held onto Yun Xiao’s hand. “Yun Xiao, didn’t you treat Ji Jiutian as a rival? Why are you speaking up for him?”

Yun Xiao lowered his eyes and so, Yun Luofeng was unable to identify what emotions he had within his deep eyes.

“He can ensure your safety.”

“Yun Xiao…”

“Feng’er, if I’m by your side, then protecting you is my responsibility. Even if I had to fight with my life on the line, I will never let you encounter any danger!” Yun Xiao raised his eyes and his slender fingers lightly stroked her black hair. “However, if I were to disappear one day, then… I hope that there are others protecting you by your side.”

“I don’t wish for you to be in any danger and I don’t wish for you to lose your life on this continent!”

The man’s voice was determined, to the point that it caused Yun Luofeng’s heart to clench tight.

If I’m alive, then protecting you forever is my responsibility. However, if I’m gone, I would naturally hope that others could replace me to ensure your safety, and that person was Ji Jiutian!

As a man, if they were not beside their beloved and allowed someone else to protect her, they would definitely lose their dignity as a man. However, in Yun Xiao’s mind, a man’s dignity couldn’t be compared to her.

For her, he could let go of the identity as the Ghost Emperor, abandon all his dignity and willingly wait upon her, helping her to arrange everything! As such, what else was there that he couldn’t do?

As long as she was alive, it was better than anything.

“Yun Xiao.”

Yun Luofeng suppressed her heartache and fiercely kissed Yun Xiao’s lips. The words that came out of her mouth contained traces of a slight trembling.

“In this lifetime, I will only allow you to stay beside me! If you are gone, then even if I have to brave countless dangers, I will definitely find you!” The young lady’s voice was incomparably domineering, “If you dare to leave me and head down to the underworld, then I’ll massacre my way into the underworld and haul you back! Don’t even think about leaving my side!”

Even the underworld is unable to stop me! No matter where you are, I will massacre my way in and haul you back!

If heaven were to hinder me, then I’ll defy heavens. If the gods were to stop me, I will then kill all gods! If man were to obstruct me, I’ll definitely overturn the world!

Yun Xiao tightly hugged the young lady’s body and deepened the kiss. After a long time, he loosened his lips and his determined and serious gaze fell on the young lady in his embrace.

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