Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1283 - West Province's Shock (3)

Chapter 1283: West Province’s Shock (3)

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That was because he understood that the clowns in the Land of No Return were unable to touch her! However, it was not the same in this Seven Province Continent. Before Yun Luofeng had grown up, he had the obligation to clear up the troubles for her.

The governor was dumbfounded. He did not understand what Ji Jiutian meant by that.

Ji Jiutian coldly looked at the governor and his domineering eyes contained a chilly glint and killing intent.

“If this lord finds out that you dare to attack the Ghost Emperor, then it’s time for this lord to clean up this West Province!” The man’s arrogant and unbridled voice exploded in the entire Governor’s Estate.

Even after the red-robed man turned to leave, everyone in the estate had yet to recover their senses.

It was after a long time when one faction raised a question. “Governor, what should we do now?”

“What’s there to be done?” The governor bitterly smiled, “What can we do? Do you want to offend Ji Jiutian? That bastard is a madman that kills without blinking!”

“Governor,” an elderly man eyes twinkled as he spoke, “with Ji Jiutian having such powerful strength, it’s such a pity that he can’t be used for our West Province. Why don’t we find a woman to seduce him? As long as one is a man, it’s hard to overcome a beauty trap. If there is a woman who can obtain his favor, he’ll definitely listen to our commands in the future!”

The governor sneered. “Have you forgotten what caused the war of ten years ago? The previous governor’s daughter fell in love at first sight with Ji Jiutian. The governor loved his daughter dearly, so he devised ways and means to let his daughter have the opportunity to approach Ji Jiutian. However, the moment she expressed her affection she was thrown to one side by him, but she used the influence of the Governor’s Estate to try to force Ji Jiutian to accept her. As a result, it thoroughly enraged that madman!”

What happened after that was basically known to everyone.

Ji Jiutian crippled the eldest young Miss of the Governor’s Estate out of rage, which caused the fury of the experts in the West Province. In addition, they chased him with intentions of killing him.

There were tens of thousands of experts in the West Province and each and every one was incomparably powerful. However, that madman had cut a bloody path out of a battlefield.

Wanting to use a woman to seduce that madman? Perhaps the moment you expressed your thoughts you would immediately become a soul under his sword.

“Therefore, this method is completely useless before Ji Jiutian.” The governor narrowed his eyes. “That time, the previous governor’s daughter was publicly known as the number one beauty of the West Province and she did not even have any effect on Ji Jiutian. Do you think there are other beauties that can obtain his attention?”

Suddenly, a young man expressed his own opinion from the crowd.

“Earlier on, Ji Jiutian mentioned that he’s helping the Ghost Emperor not because of him, but the woman beside the Ghost Emperor! If this woman wasn’t by his side, then can we launch an encirclement to annihilate the Ghost Emperor?”

At this moment, the young man had neatly forgotten Ji Jiutian’s previous words.

The Ghost Emperor was not someone they could afford to offend! It was because they overlooked this that it was possible for the tragedy of ten years ago to happen again in the West Province!

“This is a good method.” The governor’s eyes twinkled. “It is already very terrifying for the West Province to have one Ji Jiutian and we cannot allow another one with the Ghost Emperor. Therefore, we have to kill him before he gets stronger!”

Otherwise, where would there be a position for the governor of the West Province in the future?

“Regarding this, I will personally dispatch someone to settle it! All of you can return and today’s discussion cannot be revealed. If I find out that someone lets this out, I will chase you even if you’re a thousand miles away!”

A killing intent flashed in the governor’s eyes and a stern aura that was filled with chilliness spread from his body.

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