Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1282 - West Province's Shock (2)

Chapter 1282: West Province’s Shock (2)

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Ten years ago, they had encircled Ji Jiutian to annihilate him just as they did with the Ghost Emperor!

They would never forget that day where fresh blood dyed the entire West Province and corpses were littered all over. There were countless voices similar to the wailing of ghosts echoing throughout the entire West Province for an entire half month and it could be clearly seen how many had died unjustly in his hands.

That day, the sunset was similar to fresh blood and the man’s red-robes seemed very bright-colored. He was just like a killing god that came out from the underworld while the sword in his hand was like a sickle that reaped lives easily with no difficulty.

Originally, the West Province’s influence was not as backward as now, and back then their rank among the Seven Province was among the best. Owing to that battle, the previous governor had died in this man’s hands and countless experts were annihilated, resulting in the West Province to retrogress to such a state…

Everything was caused by this man!

Ji Jiutian’s domineering countenance gradually swept towards the governor and the smile on his matchless face was filled with contempt. His expression was as if looking at an ant, disdaining beneath contempt!

“Compared to the previous governor, you’re lacking too much. At least when he saw this lord, he wouldn’t be trembling to the extent that he couldn’t even sit still.”


The governor swallowed and spoke with a trembling voice, “Ji Jiutian, I remember ten years back, you also suffered a serious injury and your strength has yet to recover to its peak state even now. You…”

“Even if this lord’s limbs are crippled, it’s of no difficulty to take away your life.”

What was considered unrestrained?

Everyone here had experienced the meaning from this man’s words.

Besides, he had the ability to be arrogant and regardless if Ji Jiutian had yet to recover his strength or not, they would never dare to take the risk. The scene of ten years ago caused too huge of a shock to their hearts and even now, they were still fearful of him. Not to mention fighting, they did not even dare to take a look at Ji Jiutian.

“This lord came here today to tell you something. Don’t think that just because this lord disappeared for ten years that I’ll allow you to step on the West Province Academy however you like!” The man raised his brows and his tone was rampant and aggressive, incomparably arrogant. “Even if this lord isn’t fond of this West Province Academy, it was left behind by an old friend and I have the responsibility to make sure it exists in this world!”

No one could say that they could cause an organization to exist eternally on this continent. If one were to be slightly careless, they would meet with destruction. However, regarding Ji Jiutian’s statement, no one dared to refute him.

With Ji Jiutian’s influence, the faction he wanted to safeguard could evidently exist eternally.

“In addition…” Ji Jiutian wildly smiled, “the Ghost Emperor is not someone you can provoke. This lord advises that you better not provoke him.”

The governor’s expression became increasingly pale. “Ji Jiutian, we can promise you not to touch the West Province Academy, but aren’t you sticking your fingers in too many matters? Encircling to annihilate the Ghost Emperor is our affair and is none of your business!”

He was quite unyielding when he said that but his trembling legs revealed his internal fear.

His long and narrow eyes fell on the governor and the smile on Ji Jiutian’s face contained a chill. “Encircling to annihilate the Ghost Emperor is indeed your affair, but if you were to harm the woman beside him, then I will definitely get involved in this!”

At the time within the Land of No Return, he did not get involved with Yun Luofeng’s matters and did not even provide her any assistance.

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