Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1281 - West Province’s Shock (1)

Chapter 1281: West Province's Shock (1)

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West Province, inside the Governor’s Estate.

The middle-aged man with an imposing expression was seated upright on the chair. Beneath him were leaders of various huge factions, with two good-looking maids lightly hammering his shoulders while fawning on him.

“Governor, the West Province Academy is totally disregarding us! I’ve dispatched men to request for them to join our expedition several times, but they have always locked their doors and refused to see us.”

“That’s right, the West Province Academy is too arrogant and considers everyone else beneath them. Do they think Ji Jiutian is still in the academy? What right does the West Province Academy have to be haughty without Ji Jiutian?

They were in a lively conversation with everyone joining in while discussing the West Province Academy.

In their eyes, Ji Jiutian had already disappeared for ten over years and it meant that he had abandoned the academy. Currently, the West Province Academy had degraded to a middle-level faction and was of no account when compared to them. As such, what right did the academy have to be condescending?

The middle-aged man lowered his eyes. Clearly, he was also dissatisfied with the West Province Academy’s actions. A trace of ruthlessness was in his eyes and he coldly commanded. “Since the West Province Academy does not intend to send troops to encircle and annihilate the Ghost Emperor together with us, they must have certainly wallowed in the mire with him. Thus, there’s no need for this academy to continue existing!”

“The governor’s brilliant!”

Everyone was heartened. They were long dissatisfied with the West Province Academy. They had wondered why those people thought they had the right to be arrogant and didn’t regard them of importance. Today, with the governor’s words, it also represented that this West Province Academy… would disappear and become history.

“Governor, I suggest that we lead troops on a punitive expedition to the West Province Academy right now.”

An elderly man stood up and said angrily, “We have to let them understand how foolish they were by disobeying the Governor Estate’s orders!”

The Governor Estate was the most authoritative force on the entire continent. The Seven Province Continent represented seven countries and the force that controlled each of all the seven countries was the Governor’s Estate. It was of no difference compared to other continent’s imperial court.

“Let’s go!”

Not knowing who issued the command, everyone else also stood up and their condemning voices reverberated throughout the entire West Province night skies. Everyone was waving their fists, wishing they could eliminate the West Province Academy along with the Ghost Emperor!

At that moment, a soft chuckle echoed through the air, like a thundering boom that vibrated in everyone’s ears.

“Who is it?” The governor’s expression suddenly sank and his sharp eyes shot to the front, releasing a killing intent.

Under the night skies, his red-robes similar to blood seemed to have dyed the entire night scene red. The man was just like an extremely bewitching flower, extremely beautiful yet dangerous with thorns all around.

After seeing that man’s domineering and unbridled face, fury had been replaced with shock on the governor’s face and lastly, he turned pale.

“This lord merely disappeared for ten years, yet all of you have forgotten about me? It seems as though you would like to have another taste of the price you paid ten years ago.”

The night breeze suddenly blew and lifted the man’s blood-like robes. His countenance contained a smile while an arrogant and unrestrained smile curled on his lips.

If Yun Xiao was a death god, then he… was undoubtedly a devil!

Even if it was a smile… it had caused one to feel chills on their back and nervousness to the extent that they couldn’t breathe.

“You… why have you returned?” The governor’s lips trembled as he looked with fear at the man standing under the night scene, similar to a bewitching red rose. A chill involuntarily rose up in his heart as he slightly shivered.

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