Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1280 - Regretful Yao Mengqi (5)

Chapter 1280: Regretful Yao Mengqi (5)

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“That’s right, this is the Soul Fruit.” Yun Luofeng took the red fruit Yun Xiao passed to her and asked, “Why do you have this?”

“Ji Jiutian threw it to me before he left.” Although Yun Xiao treated Ji Jiutian as his rival in his heart, he would not conceal things that the other party had done. He related everything in it’s entirely to Yun Luofeng.

Hearing his words, Yun Luofeng’s heart clenched. She kept the Soul Fruit and a smile curled on her gorgeous face. “The next time we meet, I’ll thank him.”

Yun Xiao’s eyes fell on the young lady. “Your motive of coming to the West Province Academy was for the Soul Fruit?”

Yun Luofeng nodded. “Xiao Bai is injured and requires the Soul Fruit in order to recover.”

“Why didn’t you tell me this?” Yun Xiao pressed on towards Yun Luofeng, “As long as you tell me, I can snatch as many Soul Fruits as you wish!”

Yun Luofeng shook her head, “Yun Xiao, the elders of the east faction treated me well and had taken care of me wholeheartedly. I do not intend to have an acrimonious falling-out with them, so I did not tell you about this.”

The moment she finished speaking, the man’s arms suddenly reached out and pulled her into his embrace, fiercely kissing her lips.

“This is an indecent assault,” Xiao Mo hastily covered his eyes. “Master, Yun Xiao, both of you can slowly kiss and I shall not disturb the both of you.”

A crafty glint was in his eyes as he hurriedly walked out of the room and closed the door behind him.

Yun Luofeng had been kissed by Yun Xiao until she couldn’t catch her breath. Only after a long time, did the man move away and she took this opportunity to catch a deep breath.


Yun Xiao’s fingers lightly caressed her lips. “In the future, do not conceal anything from me.”

Meeting with the man’s pitch-black eyes, Yun Luofeng lightly nodded. “Alright.”

“Regardless of whatever you want, I can obtain it for you.”

Yun Xiao lowered his head and spoke with determination. “Even if… what you want is the entire world.”

As long as Yun Luofeng asks, so what if he obtained the whole world for her? If it can be exchanged for a smile of hers, the whole world was nothing out of the ordinary compared to it.

Yun Luofeng narrowed her eyes and walked towards him. She pressed Yun Xiao’s body against the wall and raised her head as she forcefully kissed his lips.

“Yun Xiao, I’ll be on top today…”

Outside the courtyard, the night breeze was gently blowing.

The red-robed man stood upright and his gaze was staring at the house that was brightly lit. An undetectable glint flashed through his long and narrow eyes.

“My lord.”

Two extremely gorgeous servant maids arrived behind the red-robed man and spoke respectfully.

“Yao Shu father and daughter have been settled?”

The red-robed man’s voice was domineering and arrogant, while a rose-like smile blossomed on his bewitching face. His smile was very pretty and at the same time carried thorns, preventing one from getting closer.

“Reporting to my lord, Yao Shu intended to help Yao Mengqi to escape and your subordinate has killed them,” the servant maid lowered her head and respectfully replied.

“Good, let’s go. After disappearing for ten years, it’s time for this lord to let those people in the West Province know that I’m still alive!”

Ji Jiutian flung his sleeves and turned. His red robe similar to the scorching sun was extremely striking in the twilight.

All along, the servant maid did not dare to even lift her head, but she still managed to catch a glimpse of the bruising on his gorgeous face from the corner of her eyes.

Is the lord injured?

The Ghost Emperor’s strength had already grown to such an extent that even the lord had been injured by him?

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