Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1278 - Regretful Yao Mengqi (3)

Chapter 1278: Regretful Yao Mengqi (3)

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Yao Shu’s expression changed. He lifted his hands, wanting to stroke Yao Mengqi’s back but it was beyond his capability. Yao Mengqi did not notice Yao Shu’s peculiarity and was still angrily complaining about those two bodyguards, even wanting Yao Shu to dismember their bodies.

“Mengqi,” Yao Shu sighed and bitterly said, “this time, I’m afraid I can’t help you.”

“Father?” Yao Mengqi raised her eyes filled with tears and looked at Yao Shu while failing to understand the situation. “Father, what do you mean?”

What did he mean he couldn’t help her?

“His meaning is very simple. He’s powerless to help himself so how could he help you?”

Ling Hai suddenly appeared in the Punishment Hall with his arms crossed on his chest. His expression of contempt was cast towards the father and daughter hugged together as he spoke mockingly.

“You’re spouting nonsense!” Yao Mengqi fiercely glared at Ling Hai. “My father is also an elder, what authority do you have to punish him?”

Ling Hai sneered, “You’re probably unaware, but the dean has returned. In addition, it was the dean who personally sent your father here.”


Yao Mengqi stared blankly. Her eyes were filled with disbelief as she lowered her head to look at Yao Shu.

“Father, he’s lying, isn’t he?” You’re an elder of the academy, why would the dean send you to the Punishment Hall?”

Yao Shu lowered his head, not daring to meet with Yao Shu’s bright eyes as he was afraid he couldn’t control his crumbling emotions.

“Yao Mengqi, how dare you ask him why he was punished? Isn’t it all because of you?” Ling Hai’s eyes were stern. “You framed Yun Luofeng, thus resulting in your father receiving punishment!”

Yao Mengqi’s body stiffened as her eyes were evasive. “What are you saying, when have I framed her? You are creating something out of nothing!”

“You fell for Yun Luofeng’s husband and did not hesitate to frame her and let your father avenge you. However, you didn’t know that Yun Luofeng and our academy’s dean are old friends, thus the dean sent your father to the Punishment Hall in a fit of anger!”

The dean and Yun Luofeng are old friends? Yao Mengqi bit her lips and her body violently shuddered.


She did not believe all this, she would never believe it!

“In addition…” Ling Hai paused for a moment and continued, “The man you’ve taken a fancy to is the Ghost Emperor who caused a huge sensation recently in the West Province!”


The last piece of news once again caused her head to spin and her mind was in a wreck, completely unable to recover from the shock.

That grim and expressionless man was the rumored Ghost Emperor?

It was rumored that the Ghost Emperor wore a mask all year round, not allowing others to see his appearance. She had even made a guess that the Ghost Emperor had to be extremely ugly and used a mask to cover himself before everyone because he did not dare to reveal his face.

However, she had never anticipated that the rumored Ghost Emperor was so handsome!

Yao Mengqi’s bit her lips increasingly tightly and fresh blood flowed from her lips. She wanted to digest this news but her heart was full of that man’s matchless handsome face.

“Ling Hai, the grudge you of injuring me today, I will definitely repay you one day. In addition, there are numerous people who want to kill the Ghost Emperor in the West Province. If I were to spread this news out, the academy will also be implicated! At that time, all of you will receive the rage of all the experts on the continent!”

Yao Shu’s expression was sharp as his words contained a threat, “Of course, if you let me off, perhaps I will bury this news for eternity.”

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