Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1277 - Regretful Yao Mengqi (2)

Chapter 1277: Regretful Yao Mengqi (2)

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“You’re strong.” Ji Jiutian laughed. His laughter was unrestrained, with an arrogance that did not put others in his eyes.

“I wonder if this lord can have a battle with you.”


Yun Xiao slowly loosened the young lady in his embrace and his grim expression was cast towards Ji Jiutian as he spoke expressionlessly.

“Yun Xiao!”

Yun Luofeng pulled Yun Xiao’s sleeves and frowned. “I don’t know what level Ji Jiutian’s cultivation is at.”

Worried that Yun Luofeng would be worried, Yun Xiao’s expression softened and he patted her hands and said, “Wait for me.”

Yun Luofeng loosened her grip and her eyes were fixed on the man’s handsome and grim countenance while her lips curled up.

“Alright, I’ll wait for you!” She believed in Yun Xiao! Since Yun Xiao agreed to Ji Jiutian’s suggestion, it meant that he had the ability to battle with him.

Yun Xiao planted a kiss on Yun Luofeng’s forehead and said in a deep voice, “I’ll return soon.”

After speaking, he raised his head and the instant he looked at Ji Jiutian, his expression turned grim once again.

“Let’s go.”

Ji Jiutian laughed wildly. “This lord would like to experience the Ghost Emperor’s strength!”

Ghost Emperor?

The elders who had yet to leave turned and looked at Yun Xiao’s face after hearing Ji Jiutian’s words.

The dean addressed him as the Ghost Emperor?

Could it be that this man was the rumored Ghost Emperor who slaughtered those who wanted his life and exterminated the Infinite Sect on his own?

Yao Shu might as well directly lose consciousness due to shock. It was fine to offend others but he had unexpectedly offended the Ghost Emperor? With his strength, even if all the elders in the academy were to attack him simultaneously, they might not be his opponent.

This moment, Yao Shu finally understood why this man dared to attack Mengqi. As it turned out, he had the strength to disregard the West Province Academy. The funny thing was that it was too late for him to regret.

Yao Mengqi was lying on the bed while waiting for Yao Shu’s good news but ultimately, what awaited her was a group of bodyguards tying her up and dragging her off to the Punishment Hall.

“What are you doing? How dare you do this to me? My master will never let you off!”

Hearing her words, the bodyguard sneered, “Are you speaking about Elder Yao Shu? Oh, wait a moment, he’s no longer an elder. He is powerless to defend himself right now so how could he care for you?”

Powerless to defend himself?

Yao Mengqi’s body shivered and her expression revealed fright.

How could this be?

Why is father powerless to defend himself?

Didn’t he look for Yun Luofeng to vent her anger?

Could it be that the east faction’s elders had stopped him?

“Don’t think of using frightening words to scare me. I know that the hall master of the Punishment Hall belongs to the east faction and those old men have always opposed my master! It must be those people who wanted to retaliate against my master so they had ordered you to arrest me. You all had better release me, or else my master will never let you off!”

“Shut up!”

The bodyguard felt that Yao Mengqi was too noisy and he took off his socks, stuffing them into Yao Mengqi’s mouth.

A burst of foot stench assaulted her nose, nearly causing Yao Mengqi to lose consciousness. Two lines of tears flowed from her eyes as she produced whimpering sounds.

No matter how Yao Mengqi had struggled, she was still thrown into the Punishment Hall.


Seeing Yao Mengqi being thrown in, Yao Shu’s heart shattered. He rolled and crawled towards Yao Mengqi and look out the smelly socks in her mouth, throwing them to one side.


Yao Mengqi pounced into Yao Shu’s embrace and cried herself hoarse. “The two bodyguards treated me cruelly. You must avenge me and dismember them into pieces!”

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