Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1275 - Conspiracy Exposed (10)

Chapter 1275: Conspiracy Exposed (10)

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Did someone come through the spatial wormhole?

Could it be…?

“It’s the dean, it must be the dean!” Xue Ying felt delighted, “It was probably around ten years ago since I’ve met the dean and I’ve not seen him for over ten years. I didn’t expect that he would return at this moment.”

Xu Kong and the rest were also pleasantly surprised, forgetting about the previous battle.

“Yao Shu, since the dean has returned, then we shall find him to get justice for the matters of today!” Xu Kong looked towards Yao Shu and a sneer curled on his lips.

Yao Shu burst into loud laughter as anger was surging in his eyes. “Even if the dean has returned, he’ll definitely stand on my side. After all, my disciple was crippled by Yun Luofeng and it’s impossible that I don’t even have the authority to get justice for my disciple!”

“You’ve only heard a one-sided statement from your disciple and determined that my disciple is at fault?” Xue Ying coldly said, “The dean will naturally have his own opinion on this matter and we shall investigate the matter right now.”

After speaking, she walked to Yun Luofeng’s side without consulting anyone. “Feng’er, don’t be worried. The dean will definitely uphold justice for us!”

Yun Luofeng wickedly smiled. “Yun Xiao, let’s join in the fun and have a look at what type of person the academy’s dean is at the same time…”

The spatial fluctuation in the West Province Academy was situated at the rear mountain. Other than people of the elder’s faction, no one had the authority to enter the rear mountain.

At this moment, at one of the entrances of the cave, all the elders revealed nervousness as they stared intently at the cave. In an instant, a streak of light flashed past and a bewitching man slowly walked out from the cave. His red robes were redder than blood, seemingly unmatched in his generation and magnificent.

“It seems like this lord has still been discovered by all of you.” A smirk curled on the man’s red lips. His robes were always half-opened, radiating a flirtatious and bewitching appearance.

“Welcome, dean.” All the elders knelt down in succession and spoke respectfully.

The man’s hands were behind his head and his phoenix eyes narrowed. His line of sight swept past everyone and noticed Yun Luofeng who was standing among the crowd.

Yun Luofeng was stunned.

Ji Jiutian was the dean of West Province Academy?

The world was so small that she could actually come across him here?

Yun Xiao sensed the young lady beside him stiffening and he tightly grabbed her hands. His grim gaze cast towards Ji Jiutian and became vigilant.


Yao Shu stood up and complained tearfully. “You have to uphold justice for me! My disciple was injured by someone and her limbs are crippled. However, these people from the east faction are still protecting her and this is unbearable!”

Ji Jiutian withdrew his gaze from Yun Luofeng’s body and quirked his brows as he looked at the elders. “This lord would like to know what exactly happened.”

“Dean,” Xue Ying fiercely glared at Yao Shu, “It was Yao Shu’s disciple who wanted to seduce my disciple’s man and thus, she received her retribution.”

“Keke!” Yao Shu sneered and spoke sarcastically, “Does my disciple have to seduce another man? Especially someone else’s man? This woman is incomparable to my disciple in all aspects, and even now she’s still trying to frame my disciple!”

The direction his gaze had pointed to, was naturally towards Yun Luofeng.

Ji Jiutian once again looked towards Yun Luofeng and his slightly raised lips contained a profound smile.

“You’re saying it was Yun Luofeng who crippled your disciple?”

Yao Shu did not manage to notice something being amiss at the moment and responded, “That’s right. It was Yun Luofeng! She had mistreated her own son and this was seen by my disciple, so she crippled my disciple. Dean, you…”

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